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M.O.P. - To the Death (1994) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Crimetime 1-718
2 Rugged Neva Smooth
3 Ring Ding
4 Heistmasters
5 Blue Steel
6 Who Is M.O.P.?
7 To the Death
8 Big Mal
9 Top of the Line
10 This Is Your Brain
11 Drama Lord
12 F.A.G. (Fake Ass Gangstas)
13 How About Some Hardcore
14 Positive Influences
15 Guns N Roses

M.O.P. - Firing Squad (1996) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Intro
2 Firing Squad (Skit)
3 Firing Squad
4 New Jack City
5 Stick to Ya Gunz
6 Anticipation
7 Born 2 Kill
8 Brownsville
9 Salute
10 World Famous
11 Downtown Swinga ('96)
12 Lifestyles of a Ghetto Child
13 Revolution
14 Illside of Town
15 Nothin 2 Lose
16 Dedication
17 Dead & Gone
18 Born 2 Kill (Jazz Mix)

M.O.P. - Handle UR Bizness (1998) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
2 Soundman
3 Handle UR Bizness
4 Way of the World
5 Shady Grady's Bar and Grill
6 Move Something
7 Cold World
8 Handle UR Bizness (Premier Remix)

M.O.P. - First Family 4 Life (1998) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Billy Skit
2 Breakin' the Rules
3 4 Alarm Blaze
4 Blood Sweat and Tears
5 Down 4 Whateva
6 Facing Off
7 My Kinda Nigga Part II
8 I Luv
9 Salute Part II
10 Ride With Us
11 Handle Ur Bizness (DJ Premier Remix)
12 Fly Nigga Hill Figga
13 What the Future Holds
14 Downtown Swinga '98
15 Fame Skit
16 Brooklyn/Jersey Get Wild
17 New York Salute

M.O.P. - Warriorz (2000) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Premier Intro
2 Welcome to Brownsville
3 Everyday
4 Ante Up
5 Face Off
6 Warriorz
7 G-Building
8 Old Timerz
9 On the Front Line
10 Nig-Gotiate
11 Follow Instructions
12 Calm Down
13 Power
14 Home Sweet Home
15 Background Niggaz
16 Cold as Ice
17 Operation Lockdown
18 Roll Call
19 Foundation

Mash Out Posse - Mash Out Posse (2004) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Conquerors
2 Ground Zero
3 Put it in the Air
4 Calm Down
5 Stand Clear
6 Fire
7 Hilltop Flava
8 Stand Up
9 Stress Y'all
10 Raise Hell
11 It's That Simple
12 Get the F--- Outta Here
13 Robbin' Hoodz

M.O.P. - M.O.P. Salutes the St. Marxmen (2005) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Fliptro
2 Pain
3 Big Boy Game
4 It's Hard to Tell
5 Suicide
6 Hip Hop Cops
7 Pop Shots M.O.P. Remix
8 Classic Skit
9 Put it in the Air
10 Skit
11 Muddy Waters
12 Party Like a Rockstar
13 Instigator
14 Take a Minute
15 G Boy Stance

M.O.P. - Ghetto Warfare (2006) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Intro
2 Welcome Back
3 Roc La Familia
4 Instigator
5 Interlude
6 F--- M.O.P.
7 Stompdashitoutu
8 Interlude
9 Fire
10 Got to Go
11 The Bottom
12 Put it in the Air
13 What the F---
14 Wanna Be G's
15 Live From Ground Zero
16 Take a Minute
17 Muddy Waters
18 G-Boy Stance

M.O.P. - Foundation (2009) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 I'm a Brownsvillian
2 Foundation
3 Stop Pushin
4 Street Life
5 What I Wanna Be
6 Rude Bastard
7 Blow the Horns
8 Brooklyn
9 Forever and Always
10 Bang Time
11 Riding Through
12 Crazy
13 Sharks in the Water
14 Salute a G

M.O.P. & Snowgoons - Sparta (2011) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Sparta
2 Back At It
3 Get Yours
4 Blasphemy (Blast 4 Me)
5 Opium
6 Hard Niggaz
7 Rollin'
8 No Merch
9 Break 'Em
10 Body on the Iron

Lyrics Album
1/2 & 1/2 Blade soundtrack
Life Is Good Dr. Dolittle 2 soundtrack
Here Today Gone Tomorrow Essential Underground Hip-Hop 2
When Death Becomes You Get Rich or Die Tryin' Soundtrack
Legendary Street Team Lyricist Lounge Vol. 2
Black Out The Man With the Iron Fists OST
The Money Got Lost M.O.P. Presents Marxmen Cinema
Tef Money M.O.P. Presents Marxmen Cinema
Pounds Up Pounds Up 12"
Ride Soul in the Hole soundtrack
187 Street Certified EP
Street Certified Street Certified EP
Welcome to Brooklyn Street Certified EP

Lyrics Artist
Thugathon 1982
I'll Whip Ya Head Boy (Remix) 50 Cent
Stand Clear Adam F
Crossfire Afu-Ra
Warfare Afu-Ra
The Warrior, The Philosopher, & The Rebel A-Villa
Sit 'Em Back Slow AZ
Figadoh (Remix) Benzino
New York Giants Big Pun
Hardbody Big Shug
Annihilation Black Moon
Call the Ambulance (Remix) Busta Rhymes
Ready For War Busta Rhymes
Bucktown USA (Remix) Cocoa Brovas
Let it Go Cormega
Men of Business Cuban Link
World Premiere Da Brat
No Doubt Das EFX
No Love DJ Clue
Another Time DJ EFN
Symphony EPMD
Where You Come From? Evidence
Keepin' it Gangsta (Remix) Fabolous
Fight Club Fat Joe
Focus Frankie Cutlass
Know Da Game Frankie Cutlass
Bumpy Bring it Home Freddie Foxxx
The Mastas Freddie Foxxx
Ante Up (Remix) Funkmaster Flex
B.I. vs Friendship GangStarr
Who Got Gunz GangStarr
My Kinda Nigga Heather B
Freestyle Ice-T
Gotta Bang Inspectah Deck
U Don't Know (Remix) Jay-Z
Blood Sport J Dilla
Extended Family Journalist
W.O.L.V.E.S. Krumb Snatcha
Jealousy Kurupt
Heads Off (My Niggas) Lil' Jon
Hood Muzik Memphis Bleek
The Hussle Mr. Cheeks
Pop Shots (Remix) Ol' Dirty Bastard
Bad Boy For Life (Remix) P. Diddy
No Mercy Pharoahe Monch
I'm Back Rakim
4 My Peeps Red Hot Lover Tone
Torture Screwball
Land of the Crooks Sean Price
Woodstock Hood Hop Slaughterhouse
Get Off the Ground Snowgoons
Another Level Statik Selektah
Critically Acclaimed Statik Selektah
Do It 2 Death Statik Selektah
East Coast Statik Selektah
For the City Statik Selektah
Gentlemen Statik Selektah
What Goes Around Statik Selektah
Y'all Don't Wanna F--- Styles
Rawness Teflon
Welcome to the Machine Remix Termanology
Play Dirty Termanology & Lil' Fame
You Know You Love This Tony Touch
Ill Figures Wu-Tang Clan
Legendary Weapons Wu-Tang Clan
Masquerade Wyclef Jean
Let it Bang X-Ecutioners
BK to LA Xzibit
Guns Go Bang Young Buck