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Artist: Sean Price & M-Phazes f/ Billy Danze, Maffew Ragazino
Album:  Land of the Crooks EP
Song:   Land of the Crooks
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

(So where are you from?)


(Live in the land of crooks
Yes Brooklyn's the borough)  --> Jeru the Damaja

[ VERSE 1: Sean Price ]
The nicest nigga in the borough
Sean Price nice and all of my verses thorough
Lot of niggas spittin but none of y'all niggas Ruck-raw
Rappin after P? I'm like, Pfft... what the fuck for?
Listen - don't fuck with the best
I cut your hands off, so you can upchuck your set
Ruck is a vet - when touchin the sket
Your whole life say goodnight like the cousin of death
Asthma-attack rap, don't get punched in the chest
You can suck on who succeed, been suckin on cess
My criminal mind impervious to submission
My criminal rhyme to burn a fifth at you bitches
Highly unlikely to find a nigga better
Kojak, Columbo, coat-rockin Barettas
Blam-blam through the cannon I cook
Won't you fuck with Sean Price in the land of the crooks

[ VERSE 2: Billy Danze ]
Birthplace of everything gritty, so I don't need to intro
(Y'all know his work) Buck, hang it out the window
'87 stick-up kid, study my mental
I'm ambidextrous with it, nigga, don't forget it
When it come to this rap shit I really represent it
(Above average nigga) I keeps it authentic
(Hood) savage nigga, with both feet in it
(Brownsville) court cases pendin till the endin
This is Cop-or-Chop City, headshot clappers
I'm slightly out of pocket, portrayin to be a rapper
Glock out in Japan, lay in the morning after
Embedded on the block like, (Yerr) nigga what's happenin?
Cruise past the home where Capone once lived
Get flashbacks of Frank Nitti doin what he did
Outside of Al Sharpton we all shooters
And support the makers of lamas, Lugers and Rugers

[ VERSE 3: Maffew Ragazino ]
Uh, ain't no shook hands in Brooklyn
I'm from where they jook, scam and cook grams
Crack rock zombies goin superham
A Vietnam, the warzone, my hooligans
Are prolly bagged, jacked down and booked, fam
If they see him in the community nigga food, man
RIP MCA - No Sleep Till
Never ran, never will, nigga, B-Ville
Selvage denim and my Jordan 2's
Black mob boss ringleader motley crew
My bitch is a stallion, no horse shoes
I only pop wine bottles that need cork screws
Nets fan cause the Knicks ain't shit
Number one whether or not they win a championship
I'm from the only motherfuckin borough with a team
Brooklyn - NYC - 'Zino