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Artist: M.O.P. f/ Teflon
Album:  M.O.P. Presents Marxmen Cinema (Disc 1)
Song:   Tef Money
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

It was about 4, when I got the call
System flooded with alcohol, aiyyo dawg, we got to brawl huh?
Holla at'cha dawg, meet me at the usual
Oh yeah and bring your tool wit'chu, right now we don't know who is who
Hung up the phone, slip on some black shit
Pick up the matress, lift up the ratchet, cla-clak (cla-clak) stash it
Hop in the black whip, tinted up, gettin up
Doin a buck haulin ass down the backstrip
In the dead of night, no headlights, runnin every red light
Headquarters, makin sure the bread right
How I walk in is real, Bill got a lead pipe
And some cat's bawlin on the floor, he need his head wiped
You don't understand me, look at me pah
Family, somebody stuck their hand in the cookie jar
It sound fatal, thugs decide at the roundtable
Blood in they eyes, who wonder what made you?
It was the money! Ah