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Artist: M.O.P.
Album:  M.O.P. Salutes the St. Marxmen
Song:   Big Boy Game
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Fuck outta here nigga
We the reason why y'all niggaz rap hard... nigga

Uh! (the big boy game) What is nigga (the big boy game)
Uh, (the big boy game) man.. child.. (big boy game)
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon! (the big boy game)
We make you wanna punch a nigga in his motherfuckin mouth
(The big boy game) Same game nuttin changed
(The big boy game) We built the building

[Lil' Fame]
Grab a, hold of yourself, open your eyes
Get wise, to the M.O.P. (nigga!)
Get live, with the M.O.P. (nigga!)
Get down, or get pound the fuck out
Got the 40 cal' tucked
Shorty mad from the 'Ville and I'm all grown up
Don't owe niggaz nothin, come on roll up
I'ma loan you a quick four or five bucks, BUK BUK BUK BUK BUK
POM!  Momma prayed, momma cried
But don't cry ma I come too far
They ain't gon' do me like Half-A-Mil or Freaky Tah
They ain't gon' do me like they did my friend Nick Pavacho
Blow the horns on 'em, not now but right now
{*oriental sample*} Salute!
To the homies that's gone, dogs behind bars
Fuck that, gimme four more bars
Don't ask me what the beef is, I got love for both sides
So a nigga rock mismatched sneakers
One foot S. Dots the other foot Pro Keds
I rock box, with some Armadales to the head, and I'm good

(The big boy game... the big boy game)
Same game nuttin changed (The big boy game... the big boy game)
Oh! (The big boy game) Nigga... the big boy game
The big boy game...

[Billy Danze]
Where, yeah, yeah, G'Z UP!  Yeah, it's the legendary Danze
Tell the hood it's all good to never bury the man
And I'm comin with a flurry of plans, and if it don't work
I'm back on the block with a glock goin berzerk
And if you see me in the club nigga, know I'm on point
Don't get your brain matter splattered all over the joint
Reasons, that motherfucker never played fair
We just, showed you niggaz how to PUT IT IN THE AIR
JESUS!  Here come them God damn dudes
(STILL) grimey (STILL) gutter (STILL) ghetto and (STILL) rude
(STILL) real (STILL) 'Ville (STILL) labelled as bad news (hahahaha)
And still the reason why you fuckers won't move
BACK WITH A VENGEANCE, just me and Fizzy Wo'
Brownsville homey, in case you didn't know
In the middle of the street with po-po like BO BO

(The big boy game) Nigga... (the big boy game)
(Big boy game... big boy game)
(The big boy game... it's the big boy game)
(The big boy game... it's the big boy game) Marxmen