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Section One: Submissions Policy

OHHLA.com is an archive dedicated to preserving and providing the lyrical works of established hip-hop artists. Valid lyrics submissions to OHHLA may come from artists with an established following on SoundCloud or YouTube as well as those with a physical compact disc available from Amazon.com, Best Buy, HMV, et cetera. Singles from forthcoming albums will also be accepted provided they are verifiable via audio or video link.  

Section Two: Searching the Site

Please search to make sure your lyric submission isn't already included. If you receive a reply pointed to this section of the add lyrics page it's an indication that your submission was already on OHHLA before you sent it. To summarize the ways to search:

1. Check Most Wanted for the top 30 songs.
2. Check New Lyrics for the latest additions.
3. Check All Lyrics for the artist you are adding.  

Section Three: Formatting

OHHLA.com reserves the right to reject lyric submissions for quality reasons. We prefer that you not use "u" instead of "you" or "2" instead of "to" or improper capitalization ("i" instead of "I" or "im" instead of "I'm") - however we can correct this as needed. It's more important to not send lyrics that look and read like one endless line or paragraph - please break each line at either the logical rhyme point or where the artist him/herself pauses for breath. Lyrics should always be submitted in the body of an e-mail or as a .txt file, preferably not as a .doc file or in an HTML format e-mail.

Additional tips for cleaner lyrics:

Start each line with a capital letter. Do not finish any lines with a comma or a period. No lines should end with punctuation unless it is ", ?, or ! Please spell out the following words: the (not "tha"), fat (not "phat") and y'all (not "ya'll"). Don't write a word incorrectly unless the artist mispronounces it on purpose -- such as Nas saying "men-e-straul" instead of "menstraul" on "It Ain't Hard to Tell". If your contribution is legible, properly labelled, and hip-hop related your submission will be accepted with our thanks and gratitude.  

Section Four: Labelling

When sending contributions, always write the full name of the artist and song which you are contributing in the subject line of your mail. At the start of each lyric submission use the spacing shown in these lines:

Artist: (stage name)
Album:  (source of the lyrics)
Song:   (song name)
Typed by: (@handle, alias or e-mail)

The first line should be followed by one space after the colon, the second by two, the third by three, and the fourth by just one. "Typed by" is the normal credit used on OHHLA and can be from an alias, a Twitter handle, or if you prefer an e-mail address. Submissions from other resources will be accepted IF PROPERLY CREDITED. Please don't claim a submission as your own if you did not type it, but feel free to submit an addition to our site if you list the resource that you got it from.  

Section Five: Lyric Content

Contributions may include duets with R&B, Reggae, Metal, or Funk artists. OHHLA will consider hip-hop related songs such as spoken word poetry, pseudo-rap funk, nu-metal rap and parody rap songs for publication as well.  

Section Six: Where to Send

Send submissions to ohhlalyrics@gmail.com. For other questions please read the FAQ or contact the webmaster - use the lyrics address for submissions only. The webmaster reserves the right to reject submissions for reasons stated or unstated at his discretion.