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Featured Links
Page Featured Material
Amazon OHHLA Search This Amazon link supports OHHLA!
AngryMarks.com Coverage of MMA and pro wrestling
Facebook.com/OHHLA Become a friend for updates!
MMAMania.com Bellator recaps every Friday
RapReviews.com #1 for hip-hop reviews and interviews
SingleDetroit.com Find single girls in Detroit
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Artist Websites
50 Cent 7L & Esoteric
Bad Meets Evil Beastie Boys
Common Count Bass-D
Dan-e-o Danny Swain
E-40 Eminem
Fat Joe Funkmaster Flex
Gorillaz Hieroglyphics
Jay Electronica Jay-Z
K-Murdock Kool Keith
Lexicon Mark the 45 King
mc chris Naughty By Nature
Nas Nelly
Neosonic Productions N*E*R*D
OutKast Ozomatli
Paris Public Enemy
Senor Kaos Slaughterhouse
Steinski Tech N9ne
Twista Zion I

Gamer Sites
Page Featured Material
Atari Age THE definitive Atari gaming website
Classic Gaming Old games never die & DON'T fade away
Killer List of Video Games I wish I could get Marble Madness II!
Kotaku.com Gaming and good times!
OverClocked Remix Site for old video game music is DOPE+
SeanBaby.com Skewering gaming since.. whenever!
SMS Power The Sega Master System LIVES ON
sWooZie The coolest professional gamer going
Vimm's Lair Preserving the classics since '97

Hip-Hop Culture and Music
Page Featured Material
2 Dope Boyz Lots of free (DOPE) mixtapes
ActivoHipHop.com Spanish rap site from Spain!
AftermathMusic.com A site devoted to Aftermath's artists
All Balls Don't Bounce Sports blog from a Hip-Hop Mama!
AllHipHop.com All hip-hop, all the time
Baller Status Find out what the big shots are up to
BasseyWorld.com Phenomenal poet Bassey Ikpi's website
Berok.es Pictures truly worth a thousand words
Chamber Dartz Contributor of many Wu lyrics
Cocaine Blunts & Hip-Hop If you need a HIT of hip-hop, stop here
Davey D's Hip-Hop Corner One of the oldest and BIGGEST rap sites
DJBooth.net Always droppin' jams up in the Booth
Gangstarr Girl This girl's got MASS APPEAL
HipHop.org Committed to preserving hip-hop
Hip Hop Blogs A strong source for hip-hop news
HipHopCanada Your best resource for the Up North
HipHopDirectory (e-zine) As much a magazine as an online guide
HipHop Directory (portal) Directory to rap websites worldwide
HipHopHavoc.com Home to mad audio exclusives!
Hip Hop Reaction Billed as "the fans response to hip hop"
HipHopSite.com One of the net's best online stores
The JUMP OFF It's the jump off, it's jumpin off in here!
KevinNottingham.com You already know
ModernBeats.com Teaches music production to newcomers
My16Bars.com Go to My16Bars.com for RAP BATTLES
MyPersonalProducer.com You need beats? They got beats
Nerdy Rotten Scoundrels Streetwise gamer pros!
One Line Rhyme Quotes from your favorite artists
ProgHipHop.com Find out all about progressive hip-hop!
Rap Coalition Music Industry 101 for Hip-Hoppers
The Rap Dictionary It's not perfect, but neither is OHHLA
RapKings.de Germany's down with the rap sound
RapTxt.it Slangin Italian hip-hop like pasta
Sandbox Automatic For hip-hop DJ's
Screwston Music Screw something mayne!
Smack Your Producer If he's making whack beats
SOHH.com One of the longet running hip-hop sites
StyleHipHop.com Parlez-vous Francais? Oui!
This Is Book's Music Big up to my man John Book!
UndergroundHipHop.com Some of the best artists you NEVER heard
Urban-Nation.com Providing hip-hop videos & more

Magazine Sites
Page Featured Material
HardC.O.R.E. The first rap e-zine - we pioneered the shit!
Not the Los Angeles Times Up-and-coming news parody site
Rap Up Magazine OHHLA is in the debut issue!
TheSource.com Old school magazine, new school site
Spine Magazine This site is pretty TYTE
THIMK Old issues of Ego Trip on tap!
WvW's HLHH Blog A humble little hip-hop blog
XXL Magazine Eff it, I'll even buy a couple myself..

Non Rap Sites
Page Featured Material
The Age of Stupid New movie with a warning to us all
AxeCop.com Our gun bill is REALLY high
Black Rock Coalition Rock music is also black music, ya heard?
Chris Hero Best independent wrestler out today!
Church of the FSM Pastafarians unite!
Cracked.com The laughs just keep on coming!
Epic Meal Time Next time, we eat lyrics
EverythingIsTerrible.com Nothing is bad when everything is terrible!
FightGameBlog.com Boxing, MMA & More!
Five Guys Burgers and Fries It's all they do and they do it well
Heavy.com MMA & pop culture news
Hennessy Night Now you'll all know how to spell it!
Humane Society Adopt a rescued animal or donate today
Internet Movie Database The most complete source for movie info
Lucha Libre Taco Shop S.D.'s Taco SMACKDOWN
Megadeth One of the best metal groups of all time
Sherdog.com Serving up heaping fistfuls of MMA
Sluggy Freelance Ask yourself.. what would Riff do?
Snopes.com The Original Urban Legends Archive
Trader Joe's Unlike any grocery store I've ever been to!
UFC.com Controlled rage in a steel cage!

Radio Sites & Podcasts
Page Featured Material
IODA PROMONET Pre-cleared podsafe songs!
Power99.com Philly's FM hip-hop powerhouse
WERS FM Hip-Hop +EVERY+ night 10 PM - 2 AM
WKCR FM Squeeze Radio 1-5 AM EST (Fri.)