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Artist: Heather B f/ M.O.P.
Album:  Takin Mine
Song:   My Kinda Nigga
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

We gon' talk about some THINGS.. we all can relate to
(Firing Squad up in the motherfuckin house) Yeah, whassup?
(Whattup nigga?  Ha ha!) You got live motherfuckers in the house
(No doubt, no doubt) Holdin it down for my homey
(The homies nigga) Yeah (Put it on)

[F] The type of individual that seek out ways to stack mad figures
[D] My kinda nigga!
[F] The type to shut down the main man just to make his game plan bigga
[D] My kinda nigga!
[F] And when you scheme, he ready to move, much more quicker
[D] My kinda nigga!
[F] So when you flip and he slip the clip in then he rely on the trigga
[D] My kinda nigga!

[Lil' Fame]
Let me just hit you off (HIT 'EM!) with the real
My steel sing like opera, and open your fuckin head like a doctor
(DO WHATCHA GOT-TA) Holdin it down for (NEW YORK CITY)
We'll blow back your whole rap comittee
My Squad knock, make you wannabe hardrocks smoother
and move ya, with itchy trigger finger maneuvers
(You best get your steel) for these B-Ville sluggers
Cause gun shells really tell who shot motherfuckers
You gon' need protection when flexin, word to mother
I'm the reflection of my deceased brother
Flows are metamorphosed, keepin you hoes rippin off clothes
Smokin you soft hoes with or without a fo'-fo'
(HEART COLD AS THE NORTH POLE) And I be bangin 'em and tamin 'em
Crackin your cranium is Lil' Fame and them
(BLAOW!) The ill steel hitters
(FIRING SQUAD, FIRING HARD) My kinda niggaz!

[H] The type of individuals that smoke trees and pour mad liquor
[M] My kinda nigga!
[H] The type to tighten up your whole mouthpiece if ya talk gets slicka
[M] My kinda nigga!
[H] Get 'cho crew, bring them niggaz through, mines still thicker
[M] My kinda nigga!
[H] See when you peel, to those that real, cause we see the big picture
[D] My kinda nigga!

[Heather B]
I'm fuckin with those East coast niggaz packin that (BLUE STEEL)
That love they shorties rugged with they eyes and hair real
BIG UP to Brownsville, BIG UP to Jerz them niggaz love me
I rhymes for respect them niggaz know I stay hungry
From the, other side of the Hudson water
A nigga's daughter on some aw (FUCK IT TYPE ORDER)
Caught a charge pissin bitches off somethin decent
Now find me WILDIN at the 54th precinct
I fucks with niggaz with braids and with no cuts
Niggaz that'll pull a heist and split 'cho front
Puttin plugs in fake thugs hollerin street
I'm devil-eyed from lye and two hours of sleep
Bitch niggaz walk around like they RUGGED
Stacks of boom bap and I know you don't want it
I'm a wild nigga (WHAT?) Crack the Heine', twist the dutch
My type of niggaz just stay fucked up

[D] The thug nigga, bugged nigga quick to slig a slug nigga; that's
[M] My kinda nigga!
[D] The con artist, never let a nigga part us, the hardest; that's
[M] My kinda nigga!
[D] The game man ready to do yo' thang man, love Lil' Fame man; you're
[M] My kinda nigga!
[D] The stress cat hard blessed cat lead yo' niggaz to the death that's
[M] My kinda nigga!

[Billy Danze]
Here's a nigga that's no joke
All-American gunslinger that's dead broke
The thug nigga that's stuck on the frontline
(?? ??) parked sparkin a nickel nine
Never regret what he did
Nigga flip a eight month sentence to a TWELVE YEAR BID
Be Presidential in your residential
Show them niggaz what you into, use your potential
Slang yo' dope nigga (SLANG YO' CRACK)
Go on! (THAT'S WHERE IT AT!) That's where you get it at fool
Yo' kinda nigga (love) yo' kinda nigga (trust)
My kinda nigga is the NIGGA THAT'S GON' BUST
Landbruiser, beasts don't believe in 'em
Ghetto niggaz be squeezin all motherfuckin season
Gun-totin motherfuckers, you figure
Them grimy niggaz from the bad block
that's my kinda nigga!

[Heather B]
What?  No doubt no doubt, whattup?
(Firing Squad!) Firing Squad
(Heather B up in the motherfuckin house)
No doubt, we be up in here
Them Olde E niggaz, them tree-smokin niggaz
Them Hilfiger niggaz, them Polo niggaz
Them (?) niggaz, them Newark niggaz
Jersey niggaz, Brownsville niggaz, Queens niggaz
Bronx Uptown Virginia North Carolina, them East coast niggaz
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yo, they're my type of niggaz
Word up, out