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Artist: Statik Selektah f/ Lil' Fame, Rapsody
Album:  Lucky 7
Song:   Another Level
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[Intro: Statik Selektah sample] (Lil' Fame)

[Lil' Fame]
BONG! BONG! BONG! Show off! Show off!
Statik Selektah!

[Chorus: Lil' Fame]
When we connect (What's up?) we connect on another level
This is respect on another level
When we connect (Yeah!) this is respect on another level
(BONG!) On another level (BONG!) On another level (BONG!) On another level
(BONG!) On another....

[Verse One: Rapsody] (Lil Fame)
Complexion ain't entitled, complexion is in title
What's a stream to a +Tidal+ I'm comin' for all titles too
From the state of the baby blues 
And I ain't talkin' New York City fuck with me, it's biblical
I'm the Genesis you what Jesus is to Christmas
A reason to say you gifted uh!
He want more than spring off my nigga wow
Spit that real Mayweather for all you Pacquiao's
Yeah! Rest in peace to the Wolf Pack-uiao's
I've been dyin' to coach you you got no style
Address 'em with all vowels, hey I owe you nada
Only my seeds could remake me like +Straight Outta Compton+
I might son, Uh! I might son
So cold Korea to season they can't fuck with me
Yeah! Wannabe stars
Wanna be king to a jungle that was never really yours
I'm cruisin' and runnin' yours I'm a giant to all your cars, bars
Loose shit don't appease me!
I've been off of that +Young+ shit like +Jeezy+
Yeah cry me a river, a teenie
I wins with this here mu'fuckers can't see me
Know who you talkin' 'bout, I chalk you out
And I don't mean murder I teach you niggas how to be me
Not in this life time fuck 'em out my right mind
That's how I left 'em though and this one here's a breast stroke
Statik on the beat yeah that's what you call easy
(BONG! On another level, this is respect on another level)
The devil told me he need me 
Jahlil Okafor you need seven feet to fill these shoes I'm walkin' on water
I'm God, level with flows in Atlantic talkin' business
I ain't talkin' fees with cruise ships though I cruise this
Brown sugar the Black Messiah to all the new kids
Look what I did, you all looking like pupils to what I is
On a level you mu'fuckers can't buy shit
That's respect, live wire on my Kentucky
Fuck that nigga that's how I feel you ain't lucky nigga real spit
On my blackout, Kunta with his back out
They try but can't kill me that's the route of it all now unstoppable

[Chorus: Lil' Fame]
(BONG!) On another level, This is respect on another level
On another level, on another level, On another level