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Artist: Statik Selektah f/ Jadakiss, M.O.P.
Album:  Stick 2 the Script
Song:   For the City
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[Sample of Dr. Dre from "Straight Outta Compton"]
You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge

[Chorus - Sample from "New Jack City"]
Livin just another
Livin just for the city
Livin, livin, livin, just another
Livin, livin, livin, just for the city

[M.O.P. - talking behind Chorus] (Jadakiss)
Ba-bap, ba-bap, ba
Showoff, Showoff, Showoff, Showoff
Statik Selektah
(Uh huh), yeah, M.O.P.
Yeah, Showoff
Yo, who that?

[Verse 1 - Lil' Fame]
Fame, bitch out on the East coast, I'm (ultra), the flow is mad get us
And y'all prosthetic
Don't sleep 'cause I'm jumbo ho, I got a hook like medics
You get your ass wit-up, wit-up, wit-wit-up
The fuck up, like J. Lo and Ben Affleck-etic
And I ain't athletic (uh uh)
I bring it to your front door like FedEx
Drop two shots off (pep, pep)
Too many killers in the house, take a day off
Everybody's a baller, what the fuck is it, the playoffs?
Naw nigga (uh uh), this is "New Jack City" (YEAH)
Gritty (YEAH), grimey (YEAH), fo real-y (YEAH)
It's Fizzy, (Fizzy, Fizzy)
You know there's killers in the house (LIE DOWN!), I got Brooklyn with 
So chill, or they gon' put your house on chilly
That's how the homies get down, you feel me?
'Cause we just


[Jadakiss - talking behind Chorus] (Lil' Fame)
A haha
Uh, yeah, yo

[Verse 2 - Jadakiss]
Bullets, gun smoke and cocaine residue
Leave me the fuck alone, that's what you better do
Funerals stay on schedule
And I don't even care about the charges, if they ain't federal
Get a call home, somethin happen
Big chrome clappin, way before ring tone rappin
Left homes with half his dome in a napkin
For sayin "what's poppin?", when he asked 'em "what's crackin?"
The O.G.'s is gettin money and relaxin
Some niggaz front and some is lookin for action
But it's not the season, can't stop the heathen
Wearin all of this tight shit to stop the bleedin
Violate me, when you die, we even
When this rap well run dry, we thievin
Livin rich or livin poor
Still be livin raw as long as you know what I'm livin for, what?


[Billy Danze - talking behind Chorus]
Right, right, right (right, right, right)
Gates (Gates)
This how it's goin down
Statik Selektah, what up?

[Verse 3 - Billy Danze]
You see me ease through the town homie, with two hands full of (GET 
Them niggaz spit raps, my niggaz split racks
You overdue with your (GANGSTA!), when you hit tracks
Playin another nigga's hand, 'cause your shit whack
And if that Henny got you lookin at me wet
Like I'm a ho ass nigga, who never did it for my set
Double up the plate in your vest
Or fuck around and get your spine bone blown through your chest
Think of a low class nigga who's not gettin checks
With a military gun connect and no respect
That A.D.D. can only see above your neck
He (M.O.P.), real niggaz hold the deck
And his name is embedded in the streets you fear
The projects is the boardroom (gangsta), I'm here
Yeah, y'all niggaz confuse it with music
Your boy Bill'll lose it, the truth is (come on), homie is


[Outro - scratches]
"Statik Selektah"
"J-A-D-A, 'Kiss"
"For the-the-the-the-the city" (the city ...)