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Artist: M.O.P.
Album:  Ghetto Warfare
Song:   Take a Minute
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*samples of Erykah Badu's "Ye Yo"*}

So now, look at what we have here
Do you understand what I'm goin through today?
Do you understand who you're fuckin with?

[Billy Danze]
Oh what, you thought we wasn't comin back?! The last time we rapped
A lot of niggaz got yapped, and put in their place
For gradually flossin, makin me wanna
stick this llama and this Lauson, up in they face
(It's the WORLD'S, FAMOUS) you ain't gotta tell 'em
We still at it, we still badder, they still doubt it
We do it like we do it, with, nothin to hide
Hollerin BROWNSVILLE (don't fuck with them right)
From a world down inside (WHERE) killers and vandals
train in rugged terrain to maintain handles
(FIZZ) Nobody touchin him (WILL) still double clutchin him
Please believe I'm out of your league (DON'T FUCK WITH HIM~!)
Extraordinary rap kid, don't get yo' young ass
bumped off and dumped off the Brooklyn Bridge
I got a chip on my shoulder (AH!) and an extra clip to fit
the heavy shit on my hip in my holster

{*"I take a minute, to re-evaluate..." samples between verses*}

[Lil' Fame]
It's for the listeners, for those that have a ear for this
Straight from Jamal, Rrrrrocko in the mix
Keep the mic crystal clear when he spit
He do it for thugs, huggin the block and he straight from the bricks
So get your Mac holmes, this Fizzy Womack holmes, he's back holmes
to crack BONES and crack DOMES and get your back BLOWN~!
We don't write battle raps for yo' ass; we catch 'em in the streets
Put golf clubs and bats to yo' ass
Now salute (SALUTE) to those (TO THOSE) that held it down for years
Keepin our shit on blast {...? disappear}
They wonder why they don't get enough M.O.P. (Why that?)
Simple and plain (what) we don't kiss ass
FUCK IT!! Let it bang, we still do our thang
Ten years in the game and ain't shit change
Fuck the whole rap game, Bill and Fame still killin the beats
STILL banging and we STILL in the streets

{*"I take a minute, to re-evaluate..." samples to the end*}