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Artist: M.O.P.
Album:  To the Death
Song:   To the Death
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[ Billy Danzenie ]
Ah! check it out, y'all
M.O.P. up in this motherfucker
You niggaz hear?

[ Bill ] M.O.P to the motherfuckin death
[ Fame ] Straight from the streets gettin cash
[ Bill ] Young black niggaz puttin crews in a smash
[ Fame ] The drug game put the name on the map
[ Bill ] Known for bustin caps
[ both ] And takin over like the Japs
[ Bill ] We leave you dead stinkin butt-naked in a second
	 We're niggaz that stopped sellin drugs to sell records
[ Fame ] You know it, I'm down to the very last breath
	 It's Lil' Fame
[ Bill ] Billy Danzenie
[ both ] And M.O.P. to the death

To the death!

[ Lil' Fame ]
It's M.O.P. to the death, my peoples move quiet like a mason
A strong black nation, the last generation
In the Ville catchin wreck was big fun
Quick to pull the triggers, little niggaz with big guns
Before niggaz chase me niggaz gotta face me
I walk with my gun cocked and clicked on safety
M.O.P. niggaz always ready to gat cha
I catch a cap for my niggaz if I have to
You feel the pain, you niggaz know the name
Cause this shit ain't a game
We blow shit out the frame  
When I'm smokin and drinkin I do deep thinkin 
About my peeps underground, because I'm down till I'm dead and stinkin
This shit is real, so you can't make a mistake about us
Lettin you niggaz know it ain't nothin fake about us
Yeah, I'm kin to the end with all my niggaz that left 
It's Lil' Fame and M.O.P. to the death

To the death!
It's M.O.P. to the motherfuckin death
To the death!

[ Billy Danzenie ]
Aiyo, I'm sentenced to Clint', but fuck it
At least we're all all in this together
Me and mine swing it back to back forever
And I'm salutin my niggaz    
Straight up, cause they're true to the game
And mad fast on the triggers
The Last Generation, we're all that's left, the hometeam
We're trump tight to the death  
To all the crews that will be mashed and bruised
We don't doubt you
It's just that we don't give a fuck about you
Comin through representin 
My niggaz on the Island
Kaksackie and way up in Clinton
M.O.P.'s with me, D-a-n-z-e, the danze
It's not a joke when ya come my motherfuckin man
You frontin for nuthin
Bring it if you want sumthin
My family get down, all my peoples'll bump sumthin
One thing about us, these is real niggaz 
They like to kill niggaz 
Get down with dirty Brownsville niggaz


To the death

Plow! bitch-ass nigga
You niggaz hear
M.O.P. up in this motherfucker
Primetime, nigga
Fuckin with me