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Artist: M.O.P. f/ Rell
Album:  Foundation
Song:   What I Wanna Be
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[samples looped and chopped at the beginning]
"What I'm what I'm gonna be.. and I.."
"Be.. and I.. be-be.. and I.. be"

[Rell] What I'm gonna be

"Be.. and I.. what I'm gonna be.."

[Lil' Fame]
This thug thang I do it, drug game influenced
Bloodstains and shooters, it's love pain and music
BK stand strong all day, uhh
Ay your boy carry the weight like John Forte
I done got done with deadly croons, ducked shots from deadly goons
Pulled capers, stacked paper, like the Daily News
Can't stop me, young successful O.G.
That's ("what I'm gonna be")

[Billy Danze]
Youse a youse a mess, I see you playin Monopoly
And runnin game through the lanes probably
Connectin the dots like it was Yahtzee
Big boy Fonzie, preachin the Chachi
Exclusive, homey you got me
Elusive, you never know what you see
Be neutral it's crucial shorty we O.G.
It's not what you used to, homey we Mo P

[Chorus: Rell]
They ask me what I'm gonna be, when I grow up
I wanna be just what I see, hustler and baller
Grinding taking trips OT, tryin to blow up
But for now I'm gonna hit these strets, until it's sewed up
Then I'm gone

[Billy Danze]
As far as rap go, I just happen to know how to flow
I just happened to be at it from the do'
I just happen to be sick with it
And I got this +Hammer+ with me, I guess I'm "2 Legit 2 Quit" it
Get it? {*laughter*} Get, back; don't get that old ghetto surgery
Real talk, no perjury
I know you niggaz heard of me, as a third degree
I'm still bangin that thang, that's word to me

[Lil' Fame]
Don't get yo' shit hit up, lit up
And your shirt painted burgundy, rushed off to emergency
Sheisty-ass cats like that, we leave 'em on the pavement
Same niggaz that'll piss on you and tell you that it's rainin
We keep it thuggin dog, massive steel
Money growin like grass with the "Mass Appeal"
And I'm a youngster, I get it in with the hustlers
Stay sucker free that's...

[Chorus] - repeat 2X with ad libs

{*chopped up samples to fade*}