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Artist: M.O.P.
Album:  Warriorz 
Song:   Foundation 
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Firing Squad nigga! 
You see it... 
First Family...
First Family, c'mon... 

[Billy Danze]
Every night I sit and bask in the memories of Frank and
Sayin to myself what the hell was he thinkin 
Usage of illegal drugs and heavy drinkin 
Had my old man sinkin 
Now you never seen the Danze cry
But the day that man died 
My life came crumblin down like a landslide 
Damn pride, now I'm in the zone 
Wonderin how long before me and my moms would be alone 
I remember what he said 
Layin on his deathbed, rubbin his shiny bald head 
Respect your sister, don't follow your brothers 
Take care of your mother... I love ya [croaking]
He told me he believed in me 
And he has given me
The strength to be as strong as I need to be
That's when I realized he was leavin me 
It wasn't just my heart or my eyes deceivin me 
At the age of fourteen 
It was more than just a goal or dream 
To take care of my queen 
It's my turn to stand firm as I could stand 
[Just like your daddy...]
My father was a good man 

HOOK 2X w/ Lil Fame 
For the Foundation
We have suffered *Blood, Sweat and Tears*
And cleared all complications 
Put it down, in any situation 
Now, you are the last generation 

[Lil Fame]
I was introduced to shootouts, winos
Dope fiends, 5-0 
Gamblers, scramblers, pan handlers 
Murderers that took lives just to survive, in 1545 
The building, raised as a young nigga 
With thug niggas
Held down drugs for love niggas 
Drug dealers bang out, gun shots rang out 
Besides that EZ house, was the hang out 
Niggas stole cars, and made the spot hot
Cuz we parked 'em on the block 
Like we copped 'em off the lot 
Can't forget the older soldiers, Sputnion 
Man mad poppin B, say Marce' Saratoga!
Motherfuckers knew the block that was poppin them guns 
They was like the first niggas in the hood wit M-1's 
Some niggas got beat up, them niggas tore the street up
They do dirt, come back, [Slap, put the heat up]
Retaliation, niggas shootin for dead 
They fucked around and mommy got hit in the leg 
Same night, niggas out to get somethin 
Malik ran up inside they spot, and hit somethin 
I learned the game, stay concerned 
So no matter how the world turn I'ma stand firm 
Representin where I was born and where I was raised 
Brownsville! Still goin out in a blaze 

HOOK 2X w/ Danze