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Artist: M.O.P. f/ Foxx, Inf
Album:  M.O.P. Salutes the St. Marxmen
Song:   It's Hard to Tell
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You niggaz, left us, for dead

[Chorus 2X: unknown singer]
It ain't hard to tell, I wanna be yo' boo-hoo
It's obvious to see, that I wanna be with you

Damn ma, I spot your from afar, what's your name (Foxx)
Where you from (Bronx) that's what's up
Just wanna get to know ya, play my cards right, get closer
And if possible, I wanna rock wit'chu
True story - ain't spittin no game, just facts
I'm from ivy league, higher stacks expect that
So let's go somewhere yo and twist up a L
Chatter ring a bell, cause it ain't hard to tell

It ain't hard to tell that you feelin me boy
You could be a candidate in this race for bringin me joy
And anyway I think I do need a toy
I won't take nothin fake I need the real McCoy
So let's rock for a minute we can slide in a minute
Up the, Westside and take a ride in my rented
It's the, best time - you see the moon lookin right
It's somethin about the way the stars shine at night
And you can tell me how you think I should be treated
How my life is incomplete and how you feel you can complete it
There's no one to compete with, I never been conceited
What you sayin I believe it but I sho' would like to see it and..


Ma I got you just roll with me
Or just, just walk these dogs with me I'ma show you how it's supposed to be
I ain't gon' talk about it no more, I'ma just
Just, just listen, just listen

Women like you, really don't come by that often
That's why I do things that stay gettin you off often
Love your type, roll a L or wrap a dutch
Any ho that act up, the bitch is gettin smacked up
By my side, like my pistol she'll ride
Even when the road is rocky, she holds me down properly
'Til the end, the both of us playin to win
We ain't Bonnie & Clyde, c'mon ma, let's take a ride

You keep talkin like we side to side
And like you got me the Foxx all mesmerized nigga
I got pride, there will be no foolin around
'til you make this one and only female your bride
C'mon ladies stand up and be a witness
His weak-ass lines are so tired and relentless
Picture this I just met this kid, and he talkin game
Thinkin we one on one but we not the same
Listen boo I gotta let you down greasy
It takes a man to lay a lady down easy
I don't think you got what it takes to set me straight
and make me shake, I'm sorry but this was a mistake