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Artist: Statik Selektah f/ Ea$y Money, Lil' Fame
Album:  What Goes Around
Song:   What Goes Around
Typed by:, Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Statik Selektah] (James Brown sample)
They say what goes around comes around
This rap game is a gamble, it's like a roulette wheel
You just gotta learn to take the ups with the downs (One two three hit !)

[Lil' Fame]
Uh! Uh! Uh! Come on!
Show off is you wit' me? M.O.P. is you wit' me?

[Verse One: Lil Fame]
Here comes the Fame's thing you know I don't fake it
Usually bust raps on how to rob a nigga naked
Made for the Benjie, crack era frenzy
Rest in peace  Big Mile, Leon, Spud McKenzie
Major or independent, this street shit I represent it
We look major on the independent
Go dig down in your bitch mouth to where her neck be
And explode like Mentos in a Pepsi
Good morning, scrub built you a little fort huh?
(CLA-CLUNG!!!) Fuck your fort lil' nigga!
(Baby boy!) This blood sport lil' nigga
(LISTEN!) You ballin on the wrong court lil' nigga
(What's up?) Right now homie, you starin down a barrel
This is the sound of New York, airin out the barrel
(Come on!) But as the game goes on know you lames fall off
Me and Statik show off, show off

 [Verse Two: Easy Money]
Yeah; what goes around comes around, am I comin' or goin'?
Only God knows when my time'll come to its closin'
I got a wonderful flow and a bright future, a nice Ruger
I just might shoot ya with this gun that I'm holdin'
I've never been no shook ass, I ain't runnin' from no one
Brought a can of whoop ass y'all don't want me to open
Who want it with Easy? Got a militant mind
And a weapon with enough bullets to fill up your spine
Plottin' on gettin' to mine, I may let 'em out
Bet I give 'em more rounds than a Mayweather bout
When I aim at a scout and bang 'em out
You would think his brains was chillin' how them hangin' out
Fo'real, and your women, I'm all in 'em
They callin' him a G-Star in the hood like Raw Denim
Your boy kill 'em back to back, bringin' this rap shit back
Spazzin' black on these Statik tracks - it's Easy

[Outro: Lil Fame]
Show off is you wit' me?!