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Artist: 1982 (Statik Selektah & Termanology) f/ Lil' Fame (M.O.P.)
Album:  Thugathon 12"
Song:   Thugathon
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Show off, show off... (AHHHH~!)
Yeah, yeah!!
Termanolo-GY! S, T!
Mo P'S!

[Lil' Fame]
Yeah, F-izzay, M-izzay, block hugger shit
That ol' gutter shit, fuck all that other shit
These niggaz soft with them whack-ass love songs
Them and they baby moms cut 'em with, suck a dick
Who you fuckin with? Y'all ain't fuckin with Jamal
Y'all see how I'm up in this bitch, and I got my rubber on
If you really wanna thug it, C'MON~!
Fuck it we can thug it let's turn this bitch into a thugathon
My street cred is good fuck goin in my account
I can get your head popped off with no money down
That one-eight-seven is the hometown's favorite
Inhale the gunsmoke that's the fo'-pound fragrance
{*inhales deeply*} And your LP was upset
Shoulda named that shit "Press Eject"
So apologize to your fans for the disrespect
It's Mo P's, and S-T, nigga we gets respect
C'mon, it's the thugathon!

You get killed quick, 'bout time the ill spic
and my ill clique get bitches wet like Will Smith
Yo it's T-Eezy, R-M, Gambeezy
My three-eight put mad bullets in yo' weezy
Flow master, psycho, foe blaster
Flow plasma clear, you can't come after
Throw half your body, in the Charles River
My squad hit up mad drug spots and shoot shit up
Sauce nasty, S-T, gun flashin
Mashin out any pussy niggaz that's askin
Throw staples in they head, dump lead
My guns spread all over Mass. and shake feds
Fuck coppers, guns rock ya much shotters
Blow your fuckin brains out like old mobsters
Don't gotta, John Gotti, Joe Pesci
The mo' guns I got that mean the mo' messy
Nigga BLAOW~!

[scratches by Statik Selektah]
"Who that?" "Lil' Fame"
"Who that?" "Termanology"
"Who that?" "Statik Selektah"
"Let 'em know nigga"
"Termanology" "and Lil' Fizzy"
"From B.K. pah where we still bang Biggie"
"Right now bye-bye"
"1982" "It's the world renowned"