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Artist: Statik Selektah f/ Fame (M.O.P.), Illa Ghee, Sean Price
Album:  Lucky 7
Song:   Gentlemen
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[Intro: Sample] (Sean Price) (*Statik Selektah Sample)
Over the budget (P!) Da di da di da!!! (*Statik Selektah)
Gentlemen, we're all players, of the game

[Verse One: Illa Ghee]
Yo! I was an autobot type of guy, I hated Megatron
Now I drink gin and my best friend's a decepticon
Some de Ville echelon sketches over Lebanon
Messagin' the fo' fo' low, Illa the king the khan
Head on the autobahn
My automatic aims for headshots, devil horns I'm like the devil's pawn
Group thinker but I'm walkin' all alone
I'm an underground king with a pocket full of stones
Out of order, breathin' underwater the enforcer
Think inside your daughter takin' selfies with a orca
Oral sex music, shootin' on a cruise ship
Coward niggas talkin', but y'all never do shit
Smokin' dro, rocket fuel and I blast off
Uh! I +Quest Love+ 'cause my +Roots+ is a +Black Thought+
Uh! I talk lyrics that'll cut you 'til you under gutter
Illa Ghee and I'm nicer than a motherfucker

[Verse Two: Sean Price]
Skettel weaves leave stains on a nigga's curb
The best emcee pre-painted a nigga's words
The A graded great the eight holder
Make soldiers shit on theyself, the game over
Clapper got clappin' back battle rap stats
Forgot about the jacket then have a knap
Uh! I blast the Magnum gun loudly
With very great honor, I'm the magna cum laude
Cop a squat, they sippin' hot latte
Get money, big dummy, somethin' the Lamont pop say
Uh! 'Bout to let actions speak more than words
Weaksauce disturbed
The whole crew you got is losers
See through tube socks, new sock it to yah
Crews poppin' Rugers new socker choose, watch your dude, watch your dude
That's watchin' 2Pac in Cuba
Content dudes for Zab Judah judo maneuvers
Shittin' all in your bloomers, P!

[Verse Three: Fame]
Burn! Another body on the iron
Got the hood behind me keep it grimy when I rhyme (Come on!)
Driver seat recline, rollin' in the fishbowl
No chrome, no tints, blow through with your bitch
Big dog, I'm like a St. Bernard
You 'bout as small as a Maltese, barkin' on a short leash
You gon' get the party shot, get your ass mollywhopped
Somebody call the janitor, we gon' need this lobby mopped
Marksman regime, certified beast mode
Personify street code, get your life repo'd
Drive through funeral, come back and scoop ya up
With you in back of the hearse, your hearse on back of the truck
Give a fuck, you can catch me with the crew or dolo
Sic 'em and starve a nigga promo promo
It's Fizz Woah, Mac, double OG
M-M-M-M-Marksman M-M-M- M.O.P.s, nigga