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Artist: M.O.P.
Album:  Foundation
Song:   Brooklyn
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

You know what this shit means man (what?)
You know what this means for M.O.P. shit to pop?
You know what it means for Brooklyn?
For New York? For the fuckin streets?
For niggaz that ain't got nothin
From shit to sugar! My nigga
No compromise (at all) no changin (nope never)
M.O.P. is the streets - we ARE Brooklyn! (Salute)
Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights, East New York
Across the 'Ville, Coney Island, Red Hook
All downtown Brooklyn man, it's G's around here

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Brooklyn! (Go 'head now) {C'MON NOW!}
Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn
Brooklyyyyyyyn! (Go 'head now) {C'MON NOW!}
Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn

[Billy Danze]
Geah! Since these niggaz don't take the day off
your bullshit may not pay off
I'ma give you a guide on when you can ride
and which blocks you should stay off
Which projects you should go around
with or without a pound
(If these niggaz catch you on they grounds)
they gon' lay yo' ass down
Now I ain't tryin to play you like a pawn and choose your every move
(We ain't sayin you a bitch either) but dude let's keep it cool
Keep your heater, it's nippy out, even when you see the sun
Don't be flashin your ones, bumpin your gums or fixin your gun
In East New York (East New York nigga) them niggaz keep it rockin
Them Coney Island niggaz is wild, they smile when they be poppin
My God, them Fort Greene niggaz is beyond hard
They brick, I mean they sick, and they roll thick
Man there's blocks in Crown Heights, that ain't even got lights
There's sparks down on Nostrand, there's sparks down on Kingston
Come anywhere near the 'Ville, I don't know what the fuck you thinkin
This is


[Lil' Fame]
Nigga just cock the burner, nigga just pop the burner
Nigga got ROCKED with the burner, it's a dirty game of murder
Get caught up at the ropes - nigga it's over
You a lucky nigga if yo' ass, ever even get a chance, to come out a coma
A lot of my dawgs around here, got a college education
And, they ain't get it from Penn State (NOPE) they got it from the state pen
It's veterans to rookies, niggaz that pop off, and niggaz that's pussy
But believe me dawg it ring off 'round here
Now I'm from (BROOKLYN) and I'm soldier, I'm sinister
Every day of my life is a like a moving Marxmen cinema
I'm from where them niggaz be squeezin, where your man got killed at
Back in the day cause he ain't wanna come the fuck up off the cheapskate
And I know it ain't shit out here, but believe me I'm still out here
Man the niggaz done seen me and asked what the fuck I'm doin out here
I'm live from the borough of B-Rrah-O, O-KAYYYY
L-Y-N, I'm an N-Y-G from N.Y.C., that's


[Outro: Lil' Fame]
Yeah nigga, Brownsville up in this motherfuckin bitch!
That's how the FUCK we do it nigga
Mo' Peez up in this motherfucker
Ready to go right upside yo'... nigga!
That's how the fuck we do it nigga
BROOKLYN! Stand the fuck up in this one nigga
Yeah, Fizzy Wo'!
Mo' Peez in here, SALUTE!