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Joe Budden || Mood Muzik 2: Can it Get Any Worse?
Mood Muzik 3: For Better or for Worse || Halfway House
Padded Room || Slaughterhouse || Escape Route
Mood Muzik 4: A Turn 4 the Worst || Slaughterhouse EP
Welcome To: Our House || No Love Lost
All Love Lost || Rage & The Machine
Remix/B-Side/Soundtrack || Miscellaneous

Joe Budden - Joe Budden (2003) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Intro
2 #1
3 Pump it Up
4 Pusha Man
5 U Ain't Gotta Go Home
6 Walk With Me
7 She Wanna Know
8 Survivor
9 Fire
10 Ma Ma Ma
11 Calm Down
12 Focus
13 Give Me Reason
14 Stand Up Nucca
15 10 Mins.
16 * Real Life in Rap
17 * Porno Star
UK * Gangsta Lean

Joe Budden - Mood Muzik 2 (Dec. 2005) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Are You in That Mood Yet?
2 Old School Mouse
3 Six Minutes of Death
4 So Serious
5 Get it Poppin'
6 The Future
7 If I Die Tomorrow
8 Young Niggaz
9 World Takeover
10 Dumb Out
11 Ghetto America
12 What's Up
13 40 Licks
14 For a Reason
15 Three Sides to a Story
16 Stained

Joe Budden - Mood Muzk 3 (Feb. 2008) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Dear Diary
2 Hiatus
3 Family Reunion
4 Get No Younger
5 Un4Given
6 All of Me
7 I'm Serious (Long Way to Go)
8 Thou Shall Not Fall
9 Ventilation
10 Warfare
11 Roll Call
12 Secrets
13 Send Him Our Love
14 Star Inside of Me
15 Still My Hood
16 4 Walls
* Mix 5th Gear
* Mix Invisible Man
* Mix Talk 2 'Em

Joe Budden - Halfway House (Oct. 2008) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Intro
2 On My Grind
3 Overkill
4 Check Me Out
5 Sidetracked
6 Slaughterhouse
7 Under the Sun
8 The Soul
9 Anything Goes
10 Go to Hell
11 Just to Be Different
12 Touch & Go
13 * Better Me
14 * One Night F---

Joe Budden - Padded Room (Feb. 2009) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Now I Lay
2 The Future
3 If I Gotta Go
4 Don't Make Me
5 Blood on the Wall
6 In My Sleep
7 Exxxes
8 I Couldn't Help It
9 Adrenaline
10 Happy Holiday
11 Do Tell
12 Angel in My Life
13 Pray For Me
14 Family Reunion
15 Who Pt. 1
16 Who Pt. 2

Slaughterhouse - Slaughterhouse (Aug. 2009) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Sound Off
2 Lyrical Murderers
3 Microphone
4 Not Tonight
5 The One
6 In the Mind of Madness (Skit)
7 Cuckoo
8 The Phone Call (Skit)
9 Onslaught 2
10 The Phone Call 2 (Skit)
11 Salute
12 Pray (It's a Shame)
13 Cut You Loose
14 Rain Drops
15 Killaz
I * Fight Klub

Joe Budden - Escape Route (Oct. 2009) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Escape Route (Intro)
2 Anti
3 Never Again
4 World Keeps Spinning
5 Forgive Me
6 State of You
7 Good Enough
8 No Comment
9 We Outta Here
10 Clothes on a Mannequin
11 Freight Train
12 Connect 4
13 Tito Santana
14 For You

Joe Budden - Mood Muzik 4 (Oct. 2010) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Intro (Pray for Them)
2 Aftermath
3 Role Reversal
4 Come Along
5 Mop Salad (Skit)
6 Sober Up
7 Dessert 4 Thought
8 1000 Faces
9 Inseparable
10 Is it the Shoes? (Skit)
11 Remember the Titans
12 Welcome to Real Life
13 No Idea
14 Black Cloud
15 Follow My Lead
16 Stuck in the Moment
17 If All Else Fails

Slaughterhouse - Slaughterhouse EP (Feb. 2011) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Back on the Scene
2 Sun Doobie
3 Everybody Down
4 Put Some Money On It (Remix)
5 Fight Club (Remix)
6 Move On (Remix)

Slaughterhouse - Welcome To: Our House (Aug. 2012) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 The Slaughter (Intro)
2 Our House
3 Coffin
4 Throw That
5 Hammer Dance
6 Get Up
7 My Life
8 We Did It (Skit)
9 Flip a Bird
10 Throw it Away
11 Rescue Me
12 Frat House
13 Goodbye
14 Park it Sideways
15 Die
16 Our Way (Outro)
17 Asylum
18 Walk of Shame
19 The Other Side
20 Place to Be

Joe Budden - No Love Lost (Feb. 2013) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Our First Again (Intro)
2 Top of the World
3 She Don't Put it Down
4 N.B.A. (Never Broke Again)
5 You and I
6 Castles
7 All in My Head
8 Skeletons
9 Ghetto Burbs
10 Last Day
11 Role Play
12 Switch Positions
13 Tell Him Somethin
14 Runaway
15 My Time
16 No Love Lost (Outro)
17 She Don't Put it Down (Remix)

Joe Budden - All Love Lost (Oct. 2015) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 (Intro) All Love Lost
2 Broke
3 Playing Our Part
4 Man Down
5 Immortal
6 Love, I'm Good
7 Make it Through the Night
8 Slaughtermouse
9 Where Do We Go
10 Unnecessary Pain
11 Love For You
12 Only Human
13 F--- Em All

Joe Budden - Rage & The Machine (Oct. 2016) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Three
2 Uncle Joe
3 Serious
4 By Law
5 Flex
6 Forget
7 I Gotta Ask
8 Time for Work
9 Wrong One
10 I Wanna Know
11 Idols

Lyrics Album
Shady 2.0 Cypher 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards
The Slaughterhouse Cypher 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards
Better Off Without You Better Off Without You 12"
Big Shot (G-Unit Diss) Big Shot (G-Unit Diss) 12"
Cold World Cold World 12"
Drop Drop Cradle 2 The Grave Soundtrack
Devil in My Room Devil in My Room (S)
Fire (Yes Yes Y'all Remix) Fire (Yes Yes Y'all Remix) 12"
Focus (Remix) Focus (Remix) 12"
Game Over (G-Unit Diss) Game Over 12"
Gangsta Party Gangsta Party 12"
House Rules House Rules *
I Ain't Bull$#!%tin House Rules *
I Don't Know House Rules *
Interlude House Rules *
Offshore House Rules *
SayDatThen House Rules *
Struggle House Rules *
Trade It All House Rules *
The Illest The Illest 12"
In The Air In the Air 12"
Last Real Nigga Left Last Real Nigga Left 12"
I Want You Back Mood Muzik
Dreamerz Mood Muzik 4.5
Move On Move On 12"
Nobody Loves Me Nobody Loves Me (Promo)
We Got This Locked Nobody Loves Me (Promo)
New York, Jersey, Philly New York, Jersey, Philly 12"
The One (Original Version) The One 12"
The One (Travis Barker Remix) The One 12"
On My Grind Cousin On My Grind Cousin 12"
Onslaught Onslaught 12"
All on Me On the House Mixtape
Back the F--- Up On the House Mixtape
Coming Home On the House Mixtape
Gone On the House Mixtape
Juggernauts On the House Mixtape
On the House On the House Mixtape
See Dead People On the House Mixtape
Sucka MC's On the House Mixtape
Truth or Truth Pt. 1 On the House Mixtape
Weight Scale On the House Mixtape
Where Sinners Dwell On the House Mixtape
Who I Am On the House Mixtape
Ya Talkin On the House Mixtape
Pain in My Life Pain in My Life 12"
Party Party (S)
Velvet Rope Freestyle R.O.C. Allstars (Mixtape)
Y'all Ready Know Shady XV (Comp.)
Woodstock (Hood Hop) Slaughterhouse (Promo)
So Long Goodbye So Long Goodbye (Promo)
Alive Some Love Lost
Different Love Some Love Lost
Only Human Some Love Lost
Ordinary Love S#%!, Pt. 4 (Keep Running) Some Love Lost
Poker in the Sky Some Love Lost
The Way You Love Me Some Love Lost
R.N.S. Southpaw Soundtrack
Tipsy Tipsy 12"
Wack MC's Wack MC's 12"
Wait a Minute Wait a Minute 12"
Whatever it Takes Whatever it Takes 12"
Who Killed Hip Hop Who Killed Hip Hop 12"

Lyrics Artist
Get With Me 3rd Storee
Last Words AI
Loud Noises Bad Meets Evil
Devil's Got a Hold Travis Barker
Unusual Classified
ROC Cafe Clinton Sparks
Monsters in My Head Crooked I
Total Slaughter Crooked I (KXNG CROOKED)
Grand Theft Audio DJ Envy
Coast to Coast Gangstas DJ KaySlay
Not Your Average Joe DJ KaySlay
Money on the Floor (Remix) Corte Ellis
All I Can Do Emanny
I Messed Up Emanny
2.0 Boys Eminem
Fire Remix - Joe Budden Fabolous
Niggaz Fabolous
This Is Family Fabolous
Want You Back Fabolous
House Gang Funkmaster Flex
Crazy Remix Gnarls Barkley
Clubbin' Marques Houston
What's the Word (Remix) Lil' Kim
F5 (Furiously Dangerous) Ludacris
The One (Remix) Jennifer Lopez
L.O.V.E. Christina Milian
Whatever U Want Christina Milian
Times Are Hard Nino Bless
Danger Zone Ol' Dirty Bastard
Brothers Keeper Joell Ortiz
Move On Joell Ortiz
Move On (Slaughterhouse Remix) Joell Ortiz
Beamer, Benz, or Bentley (Remix) Royce Da 5'9"
My Own Planet (Album) Royce Da 5'9"
Nobody F---ing With Us Royce Da 5'9"
The Warriors Royce Da 5'9"
Bring Me Down Pt. 1 Saigon
Bring Me Down Pt. 2 Saigon
Bring Me Down Pt. 3 Saigon
Tito Santana Wale
Hard White (Up in the Club) (Remix) Yelawolf