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Artist: Slaughterhouse f/ Songvibe
Album:  Welcome To: Our House
Song:   The Other Side
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[Intro: Songvibe]
I paint a smile on my face
But my mind's in a different place
{"J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League"}

[Chorus: Songvibe]
They only see the light, but look behind the camera
And then you'll find an answer, on the other siiiiide
Look closer you will find, a message for the dreamer
The grass ain't always greener, on the other siiiiide

[Royce Da 5'9"]
I don't give a fuck about no rapper, anyone'll cap ya
Everyone is capable of murder if they have ta
Anyone can sell drugs, anyone can do time
You trivial niggaz, all you do is confuse crime
Rappers are held at such a high regard while we fall
It's cause we forget the fans are the reason why we're stars
The fans also are not perfect
Keep in mind not to treat me like a science project and not a person
I lend my respect to the game cause it teach you wisdom
Your friends expect you to change so they treat you different
Through all my fame and my life I have grown
If my wife decided she gone I might wanna die alone
I'ma be honest cause
every rapper alive includin I puts a persona up
But I promise what you seein has truly been me
But I ain't 5'9" all the time, sometimes I'm just Ryan a human being


[Joell Ortiz]
I can't believe she hopped in homie whip
My boo got blinded by the chromy lip and all that dough he get
that he would blow and trick on open toes to rock with all the clothes she pick
Dim lit restaurants with the Kobe dish (Kobe dish)
The nectar Mo' he sips
Man you don't even like champagne you lil' phony bitch!
You on homie dick, look at you walkin in them heels like they Saucony's bitch
God this is crap, I mean HOLY SHIT!
I took you in when you got knocked up
Argued with your moms about why I'ma fuck your pops up
Graveyard shift liftin the box up
Ain't wanna risk bein locked up, I just wanted to be a good pops but
You took my son like he was only yours
We used to go to war on the phone, you had no remorse
You cold, your heart's shiverin
You was on the arm of an artist but that's just women when


[Joe Budden]
Lately I'm somber, my relationship with karma
got me peelin at my skin wishin I was made of armor
Shady I'm honored, thanks for takin in this monster
Deeper than a stab wound given by my baby mama
Tryin to figure if I fear love
Or if the devil got him in some type of bearhug that I'm not aware of
Just cope, do what works for you
I'm prettier inside, tryin to be reversible
I mean moms never changed, never hurt her view
So when she go so do I, make that hearse for two
I feel my heart and I'm reminded it's cold
They say our bodies gon' perish and our spirits shall be assigned new trolls
So if you was climbin with Joe, when it's my time to go
FUCK a funeral, get out there and find my soul
Cause alone I'd break
I need y'all to help prove that I'm not just God's lone mistake