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Artist: Slaughterhouse f/ Eminem
Album:  Welcome To: Our House
Song:   Throw That
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Right about now, you're about to be possessed
by the sounds, of Slaughterhouse (yeah!)

[Chorus: Eminem]
Cause she strips, to get tips
Those lips and those child-bearing hips
I'll throw this, I'll throw this dick on you girl, girl
I'll throw this, I'll throw this dick on you girl, girl
Gonna make you feel me if I gotta shake this building 'til I make you spill drinks
Girl this whole building is probably filled with lil' ding-a-lings
But not me now, I'll throw this dick on you girl, girl (throw dat dick)
I'll throw this, I'll throw this dick on you girl, girl (throw dat dick)

[Royce Da 5'9"] + (Eminem)
They call me Nickel Nina A/K/A (ROYCE!) B/K/A (throw dat dick)
A playa gotta keep a condom on cause we play safe
Ay, then I'm takin the condom off cause I, skeet they face
Then I turn off Jodeci cause they say, "Baby won't you just stay but you can't stay" (AY)
It ain't trickin if you gettin it, if you ain't got that you ain't ballin, you mad
They call me Botox up in Hermes cause I help them get rid of all those bags
All those bags? I'll throw this brick on you girl
Then I drink up, what's your number? I'ma throw this dick on you girl

[Interlude: Royce]
(Girl clap that!) And she's got it
Ohhh, she got all the homies in here excited (now clap that!)
Ohhh, I don't really know how to describe it (make it clap now!)

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Yeah yeah, the strippers love me and I love them too
My bitch be like "What am I gon' do wit'chu?"
All I know is I got a thing for her!


[Crooked I] + (Eminem)
I'm Crooked I, a/k/a Fuck Yo' Girl (throw dat dick)
Up up in the sky, when it come down say "FUCK THE WORRRRRLD!"
These strippers are sprung
My middle initial is awful Richard and my nickname's right on the tip of her tongue
The side of her mouth is drippin with (EGG!)
Uhh, I'm drunk right now, stumped right now
Tryin to figure out how to get four chicks to sit on one chair
Oh yeah turn the chair upside-down
Upside-down? I'll throw this grip on you girl
Talkin that handcuff, you ain't never comin home, man finna trip on you girl


[Crooked I]
Baby you got some incredible skills
I want brains, you want shoes
True love's always head over heels


I said YO YO!
You got me on a string, I'm hangin like a YO-YO
You string me along and leave me hangin and that's a NO NO
in my world, cause I'll throw this dick on you girl

[Joe Budden] + (Eminem)
Look (throw dat dick)
They call me Joe Butt-in, I be around when them hoes strut in (throw dat dick)
This relationship is 50/50, if you meet me halfway I get the whole nut in
Cause I'm in, town, just one day; now spin, 'round, get your face out the way
And just when she want an encore I'm gone, ma sorry that I couldn't stay (AY)

[Joell Ortiz]
And they call me, O-E-double-L Ortiz A/K/A Yaowa
A/K/A, nah nothin, I just got an AK in my jeans, can I spray your flower?
Spray your flower? I ain't really tryin to sit wit'chu girl
When you finish that split let's split
Where's your wrist? Let me throw this GRIP on you girl (girl)


[Joell Ortiz] + (Joe Budden)
Before this night is a blur, here's my offer
(That shit you did, do that with her)
And both of you girls (reportin like)