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Artist: Saigon f/ Joe Budden
Album:  Warning Shots 3: One Foot in the Grave
Song:   Bring Me Down Pt. 3
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Yeah y'all know what the verdict is, mercilous verbal-ist
spittin murder, this verse is with no preservatives
I'm glad I could be of some services to you suckers
Cause lately I've been wantin to murder you motherfuckers
In all respect I'm like a tyrannosaurus rex
The meanest one of 'em all that don't get along with the rest
But now that me and homie done put our differences to rest
Y'all 'bout to witness two of the sickest spitters in the flesh
On features I'm a hell of a guest, why would you ever just settle for less?
It's food for thought, they should sell my album at the delicatess'
Leader of the Now School, I guess I'm the L.O.N.S.
You're not on my level, I'm hot as the devil and yes, niggaz is hella impressed
(I'm impressed!) I'm like aggravatin the bull
Only thing can bring me down is gravitational pull
How does the Saigon story end?
Y'all'll find out as soon as the chorus begins, uh

[Chorus: Joe Budden]
They'll say I'm a killaaaaa
I feel I'm as high as I can be
And y'all ain't gon' fly as high as me
I can't be no realaaaaa
Y'all ain't gon' bring me down, down
Y'all ain't gon' bring me down, me down
Y'all ain't gon' bring me dowwwwwn
I can't be no realaaaaa
Y'all ain't gon' bring me down, down

[Joe Budden - over Chorus]
Uhh, yah'mean?
Sai' what up nigga?
Check this, uhh

[Joe Budden]
  Y'all ain't gon' bring me down, down {*4X*}
Real niggaz do real things...
Joey! Check this

Wanna talk about how I gain is not measurable
I come from a place where the pain became pleasurable
Me and success is inseparable
I put it all on the table, so it fallin is inevitable
I won't fold for you niggaz, my rock bottom like a goal for you niggaz
I gave 'em jewels (but) it was more like coal for you niggaz
So nah, I ain't the same as your man (nah)
Let's talk when you get a link on that chain of command
You got a sideline view so what I'm doin don't appear to be hard
You drag racin against the rear of the car
Pumpin your brakes fishtailin make it difficult to hear these bars
Nigga your skin couldn't BARE these scars
Gettin beside yourself, niggaz thinkin they the best
Diggin your own grave, playin Jenga with Tourette's
Out-matched, out-classed, there's nathin you could teach me
In order to bring me down gotta be able to reach me


[Joe Budden - over Chorus]
Uhh, ha ha, real shit nigga!
Guess what? (Nah!)
One more 'gain! (Never!)
One more 'gain! (No!)

[Outro: Joe Budden]
Can't get no realer than this
What up Just?
Sai' good lookin nigga
Somebody gotta advocate the real shit
Somebody gotta be responsible for teachin the young generation what's real and what ain't
Niggaz is lost out here, B

[Chorus] - latter half