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Artist: Joe Budden
Album:  Halfway House
Song:   On My Grind
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[Intro - Joe Budden - talking]
Uh, can't even really be rap
You can't even really act like you gotta get it in without a, uh
(Wait a minute), yeah!
Cocksuckers! (oh yeah), pause, hahaha
(Uh, mic check one two, one two) - 4X
It's ya man, Joey!
Reportin live from the slums (wait a minute!)
Reportin live from the belly of the beast (wait a minute!)
Reportin live from a hood near you (it's, it's)
Or maybe not so near you
Now, l-look, look

[Verse 1 - Joe Budden]
First off, I'm not competin, I'm more like stampedin, I'm more like steamrollin (or)
More like puttin my foot on the neck of the game until I see it chokin
I hold on for dear life (I mean, uh), the flow is air tight and the bars are bar none
Regarded as the one, fuck music, it's a art to son
Let's rewind, see, I was born in the projects, left for a new hood
Jetted to a new state, lookin for a new pace
Diamond in the rough, I stood out amongst the fugaz'
Swear a friend a mine headlined every news page (cheah), with dreams of bein wealthy
You now checkin out the New Jersey version of Peter Petrelli
But wait, with a little Travis Barker on the side
'Cause when it all falls down, I normally survive
I'm tryin to see a new tax bracket, so I'll never have to grab 'matics
I ain't concerned with no rap racket (ah!)
So y'all could take my name through the mud and drag it
Spread it to the masses, (I'm a), I still play it passive (yeah!)
I got no choice but walk around with the lead on me
Life is way too short, too many dead homies (or)
Plus with all the money I invest, everyday a nigga die for less (so)
So if a nigga wanna go to war, wave hi to death
I mean he lives right next to me, so he ain't a threat to me

[Chorus] (Joe Budden) - w/ ad libs
He's a beast, he's a monster, he is insane
He's an animal, he cannot be tamed
What rapper you know, that straight feast on a lame
And rock on a track, beast on the game

(Damn right I'm on my grind
Look like some shit is on my mind) - 2X

[Verse 2 - Joe Budden]
I'm still livin life in the fast lane (oh!)
Still plottin on my big money scheme like he Wesley and Woody thinkin 
how to rob a cash train
Shittin on hoes that'll act vain
'Til the whole world know his last name (wait a minute!)
Still spit like it ain't no tomorrow
It ain't over y'all, underrated so I overcharge
Old Dodge, radio off, fuck a station
Get to know me through the music, not a publication (nah)
It's no justification, (but a), I mean enough with the waitin (I mean I)
I lost all my trust and my patience
That came without the crown or the chair or the robe
Nigga, I don't care what you sold (wait a minute!)
They let the beast out of the cage, look at the hunger
Got yourself into some shit, look at the plunger
I'm talkin 'cause I'm livin it (oh!)
Entrepreneur Steve Rifkind shit, though a few haters wanna hinder it
I'm comin with some different shit
And these offices all about my paper, that's that Dunder Mifflin shit
Rapper on 'roids, sick with the thoughts (but)
But managed to keep my name out the Mitchell Report
See I'm a, inspiration for a whole generation
Even when I'm gone but my message in syndication
Then you too can attain the unattainable (but)
But fuck tryin to explain the unexplainable

[Break - Joe Budden - talking]
Nigga, fuck
Uh, done talkin to these niggaz
Who the fuck am I to try to explain some shit to niggaz?
I ain't no fuckin professor or nothin, I ain't a teacher
I ain't one of the old heads that get high and just start kickin knowledge
Fuck niggaz!
Get your own experience nigga
Don't lean on me

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs