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Artist: Joe Budden f/ Omarion
Album:  No Love Lost
Song:   Switch Positions
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[Intro: Joe Budden]
See these other dudes is into you cause you fine
And even that's fine, I don't mind all that
Me I have fine my whole life
You could find that anywhere
It's about a lil' more than that over here
It's more than just the after-sex
Call me when you want somethin else, uh
From somethin else, taha

[Joe Budden]
Top off, trench coat
Slow it down, switch the tempo
White wine, in slow
Curtains open let the neighbors watch us through the window
Lights out, candle lit, I'm tryna see what's up right now
Got me open as a fuck right now, probably why I'm tryna fuck right now
I'll take that back, it's the wrong impression
But I bet you 30 minutes leave a long impression
Hair pulled with yo' back arched, I ain't even gotta ask who's this is
Foolishness, you heaven-sent, and it's evident how you do that shit
Gotta compliment, yo' confidence, cause I love how you exude that shit
Already know you the illest alive, you ain't even tryna prove that shit
Call it trainin day, I know wifey proud of me
Told her I had a drainin day and she suck the life right out of me
My turn, gon' eat it
Turn over, but I'm tryna keep it

[Chorus: Omarion]
Can't you see, that I'm gonna give you everything you want
and everything that you need
What I really feel is
Sexual healing cause I'm the one giving it to you
You know that I'm a pro, girl wait
Switch positions, switch positions
You know that I'm a pro, girl wait
Switch positions, ohhh ohhh ohhh
Let's do it

Let's get it lusty, I wanna touch you
And if I make you my girlfriend I'm gonna cuff you
Maybe we can chill all day
Right up on the beach and I'll play
What you say? (What you say?)
What you say? What you want?
What you need? Yeah you know I got that for
Got that fire, anything I'll let you have
Just sex meeeee

[Joe Budden]
Uh, full-course meal now the dinner gone
Closet full of clothes, still nothin but her skin is on
Don't matter if it's your place or my place
But if mine the patio got a fireplace
Trust me you ain't seen shit just yet, nothin compared to how shit can get
Me on top of you drippin sweat, and that don't matter, you drippin wet
Your turn, on top
And you can crash here, just promise me you won't stop


[Joe Budden]
Two rounds might lead to four, all depend on how you feel low
Me suckin on you all while you bitin on that pillow
Same time, next week, but I asked her how she feel first
Said she wanted some days off, said she needed to heal first
She told me smack her ass like she was actin up
I told her put it down, but she backed it up
Our turn, one forever
Arrive separate, but cum together


[Outro: Omarion]
Yeah, you know
I visualize, every part of you
And I just, I can't help but to, explore
Every part of you, yeah