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Artist: Joe Budden
Album:  Mood Muzik 3: For Better or For Worse
Song:   Send Him Our Love
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[Intro - Stack Bundles] - w/ ad libs
Listen, if you listen to this it's evidence you tryin to figure out if I'm dude (word, uh huh)
Or maybe somebody told you I'm that dude (word, uh huh)
Or maybe you one of the few that disagree with me
And got your own views about who's really that dude 
Well (uh huh), the South movement got ten months left (ten months left)
And come Valentine's Day the game will merge to the West (uh huh)
And I feel it's absurd that the East is the sellin the less (uh huh)
Screamin 'New York. New York', the pioneers supposed to be the best (uh huh)
You blame it on the vets for our current state of the game (uh huh)
They won't retire, so the generation just remain the same (uh huh)
A bunch of oppurtunists that was givin oppurtunity (uh huh)
To make a difference in music but gave no oppurtunity (uh huh)
Nothin new or fresh, it's just the same ass sound (uh huh)
Same old producers, with the same ass sound (uh huh)
Up and comin artists got identity crisis (uh huh)
Cause whenever you you, the labels turn you away (uh huh)
But when you me you think of a way
To cast the criticism aside get on a track, say what the fuck you wanna say (uh huh)
The radio's goin to play, whatever the listeners say they should
And not what the listeners say they should (uh huh), indeeed they should
Indeed I should, SMACK a few niggaz like Suge! (uh huh)
But then there they'll blackball me
And that's a long story (uh huh), no crossover so I wrote the +Crossover+
But if the album sell out, I'd be considered a sellout
The fans keep askin 'when's the album goin to come out?'
Ask your local execs, I'm out 

[DJ On Point - talking] (*echo*)
We call this one Send Him Our Love
Rest in peace to Stack Bundles

[Chorus 1 - Sample from "Send Her My Love" by Journey]
I still recall
A sad cafe
How it hurt so bad to see her cry
I didn't want to say goodbye

[Joe Budden - talking behind the Chorus]
I know you up there doin it big


[Verse 1 - Joe Budden]
Look, what up Ray? Was speechless, I ain't know what to say
Got the call like at 8 AM, with Nate sayin (what?)
You had passed away, I'm like why niggaz stay playin?
Your myspace page playin, it started my day achin (OH!)
It hit me like a tumor, felt like it was too soon to
Thought it was a rumor, until it wasn't a rumor
Can't believe that it's over (what?)
But if God called you, I ain't even mad at him, he must of needed a soldier (yeah)
I was like your mentor, you was like my friend, nah
When I seen you, I would treat you like my kin and more (yo)
We used to scream 'fuck these niggaz!' like Tim Dog (fuck these niggaz, like Tim Dog)
You was the only rap nigga (only rap nigga), I would fend for (oh)
Was fiendin for beats, stuck between your dream and the streets
You just wanted to be seen as elite
Cause you loved Far Rock like I love Jersey, so I feel ya (what?)
But love somethin too much, guarantee it'll kill ya
For real a (OH!)

[Chorus 2 - Sample from "Send Her My Love" by Journey]
Send him my love, memories remain
Send him my love
Roses never fade
Send him my love, memories remain
Send him my, send him my love

[Joe Budden - talking behind Chorus] - w/ ad libs
Know what I mean?
I remember we was in the studio doin
Doin +You Know What'll Happen+ (you know what'll happen)
It was me, you and Cau 
You told me to keep my verses sixteen
I said 'you know I can't do that!' 
I went ahead and gave 'em mad bars, you was mad as fuck
You went and tried to stretch your shit out, I wasn't havin it though nigga
(It, it's that On Top Music!)

[Verse 2 - Joe Budden]
Look, Riot Squad keep your head up (oh!)
Remember we would diss each other on tracks, laugh about it when we met up
I'm lookin in your casket, prayin a nigga get up (prayin a nigga get up)
For a minute, I couldn't help but think that you was set up (dog)
No matter who you are, you got to answer when the Lord callin (Lord callin)
I told you go and fuck with Jimmy, that's before +Ballin+ (before +Ballin+)
Go get your cash right, hard to slow down livin the fast life
I just heard you on Flex show last night (congratulations)
Like was it old beef or was you gettin stuck up?
A line outside your funeral, Ran was really fucked up (Ran was really fucked up)
And I was too but the difference is (but the difference is)
I was more in awe at the ignorant value of life that livin gets (I talked to 'em)
Pulled the burner on you, but you fought that dude (OH!)
I read the paper, it said the pigs caught that dude (like yesterday)
It's sad another black man, taken by a black hand
Wish your last night in the club, we could have saved your last dance
God damn!

[Chorus 2]

[Joe Budden - talking behind Chorus] - w/ ad libs
I remember like
I remember we was in Cancun
That was my first time out there in Cancun
Me and you was rollin together 
You talkin about 'where the bitches, where the bitches, where the bitches at?'
Like nigga I don't know, you supposed to be "The Gorgeous Gangster"
Don't ask me nothin, I don't speak no Spanish
I love you nigga

[Verse 3 - Joe Budden]
I know the kids really need you (dog)
I keep tellin 'em, Pac wanted to sign you (or) and Big wanted to see you (or)
Pun wanted to cypher (or)
L wanted you to bring some of that good kush up and get a little higher (oh)
Go and help Jam Master J get the crowd hyper (or)
Or maybe Freaky Tah switched up and needed a rider (or)
Maybe Aaliyah single up there and need a rider
Know you and Rick James would set the studio on fire (fire!)
You in a better place up there at the pearly gates
You could be "The Gorgeous Gangster" and niggaz won't hate (niggaz won't hate)
Some niggaz tapped the bottle, pour out a little Hennessy
I'm in the clouds, screamin "Squad Up" in your memory (oh)

[Chorus 2]

[Outro - Joe Budden - talking behind Chorus]
I remember when you called me that day, I think you was in Far Rock
And you had some bitch in your car and your car broke down
And you called me talkin about 
'Do I got AAA and shit?'
I'm like 'nah, but at least that answer your question'
And you like 'what question?'
I'm like 'well, I just heard a song of your's
talkin about you wanted to know why she won't stay with you
And she want go ride with a G'
Haha, I love you nigga
Uh, and rest in peace