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Artist: Joe Budden
Album:  Halfway House
Song:   Under the Sun
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[Intro: Joe Budden]
{"I had a dream"} That's funny I had a dream myself
{"Of a wide-open prairie"} How's e'rybody feelin out there?
Aight? {"I had a dream"}
E'rybody doin good, e'rybody good? {"Of the pale morning sky"}
Me myself, I'm doin great, couldn't be better
{"And we were the same, just the same"}
I mean I got problems like e'rybody else but I mean
They great problems though {"You and I"}
Taha! I'm just talkin shit

[Chorus: sample of "Brothers Under the Sun" by Bryan Adams]
We are, like birds of a feather
We are, two hearts joined together
We will be, forever as one
My brother, under the sun

[Joe Budden]
Mic check, mic check, mic check, mic check (ohh, ohh)
Mic check one-two one-two (ohh)

Old heads said reality is fake and fake's the new real
Nuttin but strive to me but takin a few pills
Ain't try and be the dude that's raising the blue steel
Vic's help me escape, they give me a new feel!
Unedited, e'ry day is a newsreel; some cake and a few bills (ohh)
Honestly, all it'll take is a few mil' (for what?)
For me not to have to portray no true skill (but)
But let me just watch what I say, the truth kills (so!)
Be careful what you wish for
If I'm totally ig-nored I might withdraw
I used to be pissed off, piss-poor
Money crisp poor (it was like) like this short
Was kinda hard to get the whole puzzle workin with half a jigsaw
I got mine, let me help you get yours without gettin ripped off
I left a trail nigga, follow it
And when it's gone make a new one, don't remodel shit (ohh!)


[Joe Budden  over Chorus]
Ohh, huh!
Make your own muh'fuckin footsteps nigga
Don't follow mine, uhh
I got great problems though
My problems are GOOD!

[Joe Budden]
L-look, look, look
New suit, dude nervous (what else?)
Old case, new judge, new verdict (what else?)
A new outcome like somebody reversed it (I mean)
I feel like I'm a new man, a new purpose (ohh!)
It's like a nigga ain't feelin so worthless
Kneel down and worship, all them years was worth it
So when he opened his mouth I was stunned
He said, "You CAN'T deny a man his son!"
Be clear (ohh!) so if he wan' be there, you let him be there
Be fair, mean I can see he wants to be near
I could see that he cares
I lock yo' ass up, you don't oblige beware (I mean it)
She stared (ohh!) she's scared
My lil' dude always get the world from me
And you want him to have the world, just not from me
Back like I never left, was never forced away
Got nuttin more to say  I mean I'm (ohh!)


[Joe Budden  over Chorus]
Wait a minute!
I GOT more to say nigga
You ever see somebody in shit! (whoa)
It just remind you of somewhere (ohh)
when you ain't really tryin to see (sometimes)
Or somewhere that you was! (Sometimes you gotta be brutally honest)
Where you wanna GO? (Even if it hurts)

[Joe Budden]
So! When I see you I'm disgusted (nigga!)
Can't believe I was ever in love with (nigga!)
Musta been dusted  cause you look like shit
All these years they ain't done you no justice (look at you!)
I mean you all fucked up, can't get cash
You still bitter over a past you can't get past (HA!)
Just sad, get mad cause my bitch bad
E'ry day she switch heels, switch bags (whoa)
It's like we livin on a dock nigga, big pad
You can't afford a deposit on my closet (not even)
Since you, all I ever known was fly shit
Unfortunately you ain't fittin that logic
Cause you're much less
Sometimes you gotta stand by your failures to recognize your success
Still I'll be the bigger man and wish her all the best (ohh)
While knowin she'll never get it (ohh) so why would she ever quit it? (ohh!)
It's ridiculous


[Joe Budden  over Chorus]
Understand me!
I ain't really got time, I ain't peaceful!
I have beef with the bullshit
So if we gotta be stuck together, for the rest our motherfuckin lives
Do me a favor..
Actually don't do me no favors
Fuck that