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Artist: Slaughterhouse & DJ Drama
Album:  On the House
Song:   Where Sinners Dwell
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{*chainsaws revving and pigs squealing*}

[Intro: DJ Drama]
Prime example
Quality street music, at its finest

[Royce Da 5'9"]
I'm comin from the depths of the city where sinners dwell
We finish frail niggaz with shells from splinter cells
When losers win winners fail - I'll cut your nose off 
to spite your face until you decay, you can't even call your scent a smell
Mami draggin a donkey, I pin a tail
I been writin so dark and for so long my pen is pale
For the money I'll impale your heart with twenty ten-inch nails
Put a hole in your racket like I turned your tennis ball into a spinnin snail
I laid off they whole flow on my day off, I sprayed off that fo'-fo'
And I made off with mo' dough
than Madoff, I'm the Adolf, Hitler of this shit bruh
No soul, my skeleton sleek; yo' hoe got a hella physique
I hope she know I shoot boat loads, bon appetit
When she get to this house I'ma spit this out, turn a chicken's mouth to a pelican beak
Heartbeat ready, as I get done up, sloppy steady
Watch her do it, slob that knob, drop that jaw and watch her come up, Rocsi, Eddie

From the, from the, from the depths of the city where sinners dwell... {*4X*}

[Crooked I]
I'm comin from where sinners dwell - a ghetto American's future is poverty
We inherited Lucifer's property, they givin us niggaz hell
Choose your philosophy, it's usually hypocrisy
Lose your democracy, nobody vote countin in 2012
So my Ruger is watchin me, I move through the monopoly properly
And due to this ruthless economy I got shit for sell
Our music's anomaly, you dudes are just comedy
In lieu of monogamy, your bookie on top of me
And I did oh well, all my neighbors heard that vixen yell
The way I make that headboard quake, rate my sex on the Richter Scale
Put it in a coffin, no pillow talkin, cause all too often a bitch'll tell
Only thing left on my pillow was a piece of a weave and some Paul Mitchell liquid gel
No rapper's liver, yeah, go back and find her
Nigga that mainly spit, crazy shit, Prozac and fiber
No rap survivors, nigga, don't act MacGyver
When it get real in the field you a meal, no appetizer

I'm comin, comin from where sinners dwell, sinners dwell... {*2X*}

[Royce Da 5'9"]
From the, from the, from the depths of the city where sinners dwell... {*2X*}
From the, from the, from the