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Artist: Classified f/ Joe Budden
Album:  Handshakes and Middle Fingers
Song:   Unusual
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[Chorus - Sample from "Rain" by Uriah Heep]
Now it's raining inside, but that's not unusual
But the way that I'm feeling's, becoming usual
I guess you could say
The clouds are moving away

[Joe Budden - talking over Chorus]
Uh, what up Class?
Let me talk to 'em (oh!)

[Verse 1 - Joe Budden]
No more runnin from the black cloud, got it all mapped out
I put it in a figure-four until it tap out (yeah)
still there some that rather see me in a crack house
Stick up kids stakin out the block tryin jack Mouse
Newsflash if you thinkin I'm a cash cow
You probably ain't a fan nigga, that ain't what I rap 'bout
I'm on settin goals, tryin to achieve it
I'm such an open book but they don't bother to read it (ha)
The teacher said I would never get ahead (nah)
All I could do is laugh, them threats was all funny
According to her I'd be dead before twenty (uh)
But it's cool, I've been mislead before hunnie (oh)
I'm checkin for more money, you will be disorganized
Use to starin at tortured eyes from my walk of life
Want to let her know I got a lot left to give
It's difficult to understand what you never lived

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs

[Verse 2 - Classified]
Aiyyo, that's how my days go, from rain showers to rainbows
I'm from the place of mayflowers and raincoats
John Smiths and Jane Does
A bunch of nobodies who talk shit out their a-hole
But that's just the way it goes, I pay no mind to banks close
I know it takes two to tango, so I lay low
We brush 'em off age yo (oh!), not a word
We're borderline assholes like immigration officers
Word, it gets better and gets worse
I'm more used to it everyday I'm on this Earth
People think they know me real good (they don't, they don't)
Tryin to pinpoint, judge me? (I know, I know)
Y'all need to look a little deeper than the little whiff of reefer
That I bring into the double feature movie at the theater
I live away the day while you're playin your charades
I could weather out the storm, so rain on my parade (I'm used to it anyway)

[1/2 Chorus] - w/ ad libs

[Verse 3 - Joe Budden]
Uh, my sermon won't be over 'til church end (uh)
My first Benz made me (what?), see I had the worst friends (uh)
Meanwhile thought I was hangin with the same men (uh)
Success ain't never change me but it changed them
Something different about me, you can blame time
It ain't a crime (what?), 'cause your problems ain't mine
I learned quick if they don't care about everything that you bare
Must mean that everything ain't meant to be shared (shared)

[Verse 4 - Classified]
I share the same views
When things are gettin rough, there are few who remain true (ha)
This ain't new (nah), ain't nothin unusual
I don't need you, I'm glad that feels mutual
How can you be so shallow, swimmin in the deep water?
It's a fine line and your walkin on the edge
Yeah I'm used to the rain fallin on my head
But this weather got we wishin I was crawlin into bed
It's cold, life is snowballin again

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs