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Artist: Slaughterhouse & DJ Drama
Album:  On the House
Song:   Coming Home
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[Intro: Joell Ortiz]
Oh word? That's how y'all felt?
Thought it was gone huh? Hehehe
Y'all sound stupid
Slaughterhouse nigga, uhh
{"Gangsta Grizzills!"}

[Joell Ortiz]
I heard the whispers, they thought that I was done befo'
They thought Dre said I'm somethin he don't want no mo'
They thought I got dropped, they thought I would stop
I thought not, hopped out the square, thought out the box
Listen I keep it real, I was hopin that the major work
But I was indie again, time for some major work
Already hungry but the non-believers made it worse
Had me posted up in that booth, like e'ry day the 1st
Who was supposed to give up? Nah, not me
Man, post this shit up on +NahRight+ B
Hello +World+ I'm a +Star+, look what I invented
+Rap Radar+ identified with my spider senses
I had the hip-hop game +On Smash+
And a title locked up, like Akon smashed
Then I linked with three dudes who also say y'all trash
With another chance to show you again
So I'm holdin this pen like

Bet you never thought that you'd be back in this position
Got no answers for their questions and it kills you just to listen
But-but-but you know, there's nowhere else left to go
And I ain't coming home, I-I-I ain't coming home

[Joe Budden]
Joey, uhh
It started with assault charges, B & E's, burglaries, some heats
In a dark back alley block in them Jersey City streets
Who knew, that I could prosper spittin out cause off Hennessy vodka
The dudes that were meant to be partners'll mentally block ya
And payin good pennies to watch ya from Denny's, the lobster
But your own actions is what could esentially stop ya
I come around and the track get nervous
If you wrote 'em off, be able to track that purchase
Hooked up to IV's or we had be deceased in the near
My heated prayers fell on the Reaper's ears but he can hear
If you're talkin chain of command, I wanna be clear
We different links, how can an A-lister and Z share?
Rodman with the trash talk, the magical walk with the black ball
Way I bounce off the asphalt with cat paws
Move relentless through the rumors
And my mere presence says God got a funny sense of humor


[Crooked I]
Bet you never thought that you'd be back in that position
I'm talkin to you bitches, arch your back in that position
Your ratchet ass was missin
You thought that I fell off but Shady/Aftermath musicians got you packin ammunition
I'm back, the Circle Gang Boss
Witness the resurrection my career came 'cross
Jesus, name a vixen I can't toss
She use her mouth to clean my thing off, and I call it gettin brainwashed
Slaughter's hotter than ever
To be hotter you gotta cop a Carrera, proud of your leather
Walkin in executive's offices and holla you better, hit my pockets with cheddar
Feed me paper like my pockets are a document shredder
You really thought I'd get this money and behave?
Niggaz left me for dead and did the dougie on my grave
I'll break your purse for my perseverance
Them same labels gettin raped for a verse and clearance
For real


[Royce Da 5'9"]
God's favorite, dark horse of the devil's family
I'm plan A 'til it's my damn day, failure's my plan B
From ashy to fancy, behind bars to behind the bars
They made it so I can fit an entire jail cell inside of my pantry
My daughter's a down, she loves to see her father come
She loves to blow bubbles with her bubblegum, now she lives inside of one
Just accept it, got Martin King's heart, Martin Sheen's son's blood 
cause missed me with your questions
I am the Martin Scorsese of this profession
It's why I'm outta here like Martin Lawrence said, get to steppin!
And I did it doin the kind of music I like
You's a fool, you thought that "Boom" would be my only highlight
Slaughterhouse been outcasted, first we're here, then we're there
Then we started to rhyme like we pretend to load our pens with lead
Now we movin on up like the Jeffersons
Cause things came full circle like the top of Sherman Hemsley's head, yeah