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Artist: Fabolous f/ Joe Budden, Teyana Taylor
Album:  The Soul Tape 2
Song:   Want You Back
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[Intro: Teyana Taylor]

You see what I can't understand, is how somebody have a lifetime friend
That they been through thick and thin with, and they just fall out over the simplest shit man
Like, but that same person a be in a relationship with a triflin ass mu'fucker
And keep takin him back, shit is crazy

[Verse One: Fabolous]
The karma of fuckin over a good person, is the asshole you end up with
Get a taste of your own medicine, funny you the one who end up sick
Always took you back, even though it made my friends upset
Told me I should blow you off havent got that wind up yet 
Know how many days I hurt, many nights I been up stressed
Thought that we have been in love, maybe I just been upset
When you crossed me you lost me, now if I was guardin Derrick Rose
I would be more understandin but, you ain't Derrick Rose
You was my number one but ummm you ain't Derrick Rose
You tryin to make a point again, you ain't Derrick Rose
You just on some bullshit bitch you ain't Derrick Rose
I'm a lover and a fighter fight for what I love
But you made certain of bitches I think nothin of
Ask myself why fight when it's long been over
God gives the hardest battles to the strongest soldiers 
So I fight for us long as there is reason to
You wanted to give up on us long as there was season two
Cool! You gonna need me one day
And if it's sunday that one day 'gon be monday
That's how fast things change sometime
Niggas play the tough role I Ving Rhames sometime
Like, like, like I don't want that bitch back!
I mean I want her but I don't want the bitch back!
She say she want him but she don't want that nigga back!
That nigga act like I ain't had a nigga back

[Chorus: Teyana Taylor] (Joe Budden)
You're gonna need me, one, day (So much pain in a sample)
You're gonna want me back, in your arrrrrrmmmmmsssss!!!! (So much pain in some of our hearts)
You're gonna need me, one, day (I just want a pain free heart, I don't ask for much, Fab what's good though?)
You're gonna want me back, in your arrrrrrmmmmmsssss!!!! (Let's talk to her real quick)

[Verse Two: Joe Budden]
We start with I love you, I think we got the power to grow
Would've gave up but there's no coward in Joe
Funny thing about it all you checked my twitter every hour or so
And then you bring this fake shit to our reality show
Been half of many years, lookin for devotion
It's weird, your feelings but I put 'em into motion
I dictate the what's and why's (What else?) the how and when
You ain't learn to separate your now from then
I keep my distance 'cause when I'm near my head is hurtin
Exhausted every road to friendship but it's never workin
And me I met the sweetest you know y'all met in person
Bottom line I made you then made a better version
Tried to give you good advice but you ain't heed it much
To figure you ain't need it but all I can do is seed it
Told you you 'gon fuck around and end up sick
You chose dick from this nigga from the New York Knicks
My nig, you so spiteful, that ain't the way we act
That cock was inserted in you, how could it pay me back?
I know you said when we were over you start aimin bigger 
But you can't have anonymity with famous niggas (OH!)
Know you thinkin my happiness is a front
How would you ever know? Happiness is what you wanted 
So unidentifiable when that armor never led up
And fucked me real good, but karma fucked you better

[Chorus: Teyana Taylor] 
You're gonna need me, one, day 
You're gonna want me back, in your arrrrrrmmmmmsssss!!!! 
You're gonna need me, one, day 
You're gonna want me back, in your arrrrrrmmmmmsssss!!!! 

[Outro: Teyana Taylor]
And never miss a good thing 'til it leave you, I finally realized I don't need you
You want me back? You know your gonna need me back, gotta have you back babe
And heart broken when you left my world, boy you know you should have kept this girl
I was there for you, Now I don't know what you 'gon do, without me babyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
Ooohhhhhhh! That was the last thing you said to me, right now that you still wish I was here with you
Oh! Ooohhhhhhh! You want me back, you gonna want me back, ohhhhhhhh!!!!
Ooooooohhh no!!! I said I want you want you want you want you want you, baby baby!
Ooooooohhh! You gonna want me back! Heyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
Ummmmmmmmm!!!!!! Ummmmmmmmmmm!!!!! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
Uh! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Want me back, and I dpn't want you back, hey hey hey!!!!!