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Artist: Joe Budden f/ SLV
Album:  No Love Lost
Song:   Tell Him Somethin
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[Chorus: SLV]
Tell him somethin
Say whatever you think he'd wanna hear, girl
If it don't come between me you and this mirror, girl
I don't care girl, just tell him somethin
Tell him somethin - tell him somethin
Let him know a real nigga is fuckin you
But that'll probably make him feel uncomfortable
What you gonna do? Tell him somethin
Tell him somethin

[Interlude: SLV + Joe Budden]
It's crazy, it's crazy, how he got your brain
But his body don't do a damn thing for you
Now oh baby, oh baby, you're tryin to get away
Cause you know I do the things he won't do, won't do

[Joe Budden]
Uh, uhh
You could tell him that we best of friends or we just met
Tell him that you hate my guts, that was just sex
Could say we never kissed, those were just pecks
Tell him put your phone down, that was just a text
Or, tell him you cherish our bond on the weekly
Or how you jump in my arms when you see me
Tell him I threw on the charm, it was easy
It's to the point now where your mom wanna meet me
Tell him I think you're beautiful
Tell him all the wild shit that I do to you
Would he approve of that or would his world be shattered?
And if you didn't care, would it really matter?
Wait, could say it ain't the ride or the whips
Just tell him it's the size of the ship
Or, just tell him you was tired of his shit
and I reminded you of how live it get


[Joe Budden]
Man, tell him you don't feel appreciated
Tell him with me that's alleviated
Incomparable, how I do things that he wouldn't dare to do
or act like I ain't afraid to take it there with you
Wait, as a matter of fact
Tell him he could be mad at the fact
You finally met a nigga that ain't mad at your past
Or tell him he could be mad, it'll pass


You get his call and he asks what you doin
Just say with your friends
And while you on that phone waitin for him to hang up
Girl I'll be there, ready to take over
Your bo-dy's yearnin for what he can't give
And I know just how y'all story gon' end
Once I get in baby


Tell him you mourn him, tell him about me
Tell him you can't see, your life without me
Tell him he's dead now, all because I'm live
Tell him it's wetter now, you love it when I'm inside
Tell him you like your hair pulled, tell him you like my tongue there
Tell him in detail, make sure you not unclear
Cause he gotta knowwwwwww
Cause he gotta knowwwwwwwww, somethin
Ohhhhh, girl won't you tell him somethin~!


[Outro: SLV]
Something, ohhh-ohhhh
Ohhhhhh ohh ohh ohhhh ohhhh, tell
Tell him something, tell him something
Just, tell him something
Yeah, just tell him something
Won't you tell, won't you tell him something?
Something, something, something
Girl won't you tell him something for me?
No-no no no no no, tell him something
No-no no no no no, tell him something
Tell him something, something
Tell him somethiiiiing
Won't you tell him something baby?
Won't you tell him something? Tell him something
Won't you tell him something, something?
Won't you tell him something babe?
No no no, tell him something