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Artist: Slaughterhouse & DJ Drama
Album:  On the House
Song:   Back the Fuck Up
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[Intro: DJ Drama]
Ever since the beginning, who's house it was chose who runs the game
Clearly in my profession, we know it's Dram's house {"Gangsta!"}
When it comes to bars, oh these four niggaz right here, it's they house
So before we +Welcome+ you +to Our House+, this one's +On the House+

[Chorus: Royce Da 5'9"]
I said what the fuck are you lookin for? (for)
Can't a young nigga get money anymore? (more)
Can y'all bums get funny anymore? (more)
Can my life get sunny anymore?
Ay, back the fuck back 'fore I fuck you up
Ay, back the fuck back 'fore I fuck you up
You better back the fuck back 'fore I fuck you up
Ha, Slaughterhouse!! (woo!)
I came (I came) I saw (I saw)
I conquered (I conquered) I'm a monster
Yeah, back the fuck back 'fore I fuck you up
You better back the fuck back 'fore I fuck you up, ay!

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Feelin like the greatest, Motor City's finest
My crew lookin Jamaican, I'm rollin with the grinders
They callin me Old Head, but so what the car's young
I set the bar with these bars even though I'm bar none
Hot car, top's off, hot broad, rock star
Watch not flawed, tell y'all to watch dogs knock it off
I'm too pretty to fight, this gonna end fast
My clip long as Sinbad's when it's on its tenth blast
Fuck y'all radio play, fuck y'all radio stations
Long as I'm paid, my lady built like a long-legged alien
If it all ended today, I can honestly say
I performed and recorded with the greatest, word on "The Chronic" to Dre
Now I'm as polished as Obama wipin down a diamond
with the ass of Diamond from Crime Mob
after she's had a shiny Armani hind-job, I'ma be straight
And you can pick a rapper, any rapper, and line up the date
I'm in a zone, where the fuck is the ref with the whistle?
Don't gotta impress you, I just diss you
The press pretzels the issue
My homie Joey showed me the net, and I went and got me a gross net fiscal
I'll stretch you like the Tec is a Bowflex pistol, so don't bet
You would prefer me to be comin/cummin with you like phone sex
with a sexy electrician whose next mission
is to cut your buzz off if you don't rap right
I ain't wrapped tight but I'm just that gift
Crack piff, mac spit, Cadillac flips
We can match whips, battle rap dick
I'd rather have an actress on my mattress
who givin me brain so long she don't know jack shit but how to do that dick
Fact shit confidence of a fat chick
Caught onto fashion from catchin bodies at Saks Fifth
I came, saw and I conquered
Pig gang, y'all talkin, I'm chain-sawin your tonsils


[Joell Ortiz]
Out for lunch with my accountant
Back the fuck back down to Chase doin countin
My bitch back the fuck back it up when I'm poundin
Y'all funny style watchin Broke-the-fuck-back Mountain
Y'all tuned into the Slaughters, the group fathers hate
cause we move in on their daughters with shit news reporters
Holdin they hand when they tryin to get interviews in order
That's a chico stick ma, come and chew me, I'm a quarter
of the House Gang, call it the crib mami
These niggaz runnin tryin to get in our seat, bunch of Mitt Romney's
But I stand at the podium with the fifth by me
Screamin out "Yes we can, open yo' shit papi"
I rap well so I'm a bit cocky
From Maxell blank tapes with the tissue in it to disc copies
To downloads in one click I'll be
still rhymin when music's telepathic, you can come sit by me
I'll stare at you with the rawest thoughts
CNN y'all think news, CNN I think +War Report+
I say Big L you say weed, I say Harlem's boss
A legend and I'm reppin for him and all that my sport has lost
Hip-Hop ain't just a way of life
It's all I know, it's what fill up my kid's cutty day and night
When it got soft y'all conformed, man I stayed to fight
Y'all threw on Bathing Apes, I went ape in my favorite Nikes
Back the fuck back breddren
I brought it back when rap was defective, please don't ask me no questions
(Chill out) Friend or foe, speak quick
Or I'll put this foot back the fuck back where you leak shit


[Crooked I]
Jumped in my DeLorean, hopped out in a ratchet era
Basic hoes with reality shows, bring back Ciara
Niggaz frontin, Instagram-ing somebody's Panamera
Wack rappers ride to success smooth as Aloe Vera
Guess we're here cause shit needs to switch
like niggaz is robbin the poor just to feed the rich
Overcrowdin markets, artists need a niche
In Slaughterhouse our niche is, "Bitch, we's the shit!"
So chicks want the dick in their midsection
Do I pay for pussy? That's a trick question
Problems I bench-pressed 'em
I'm on some mirrors in the gym shit, I'm in this bitch flexin
Get used to it, we back
You dudes ruinin rap, more than a few view it as fact
Crack your ProTools with a bat
What kind of stupid ass music is that - no question mark
It's simply rhetorical, I'm simply historical
And you call yourself an MC? You horrible
I'm simply an oracle
The impact you feel when you hit the ground kneein the floor and know
I'm on my "yes yes y'all"
My soldiers don't eat with no mess hall
My mindstate anti-sex doll, I don't fuck with you fake pussies
Who I'm talkin about? I said yes y'all