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Artist: Slaughterhouse
Album:  The Illest 12"
Song:   The Illest
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[Intro: samples of Notorious B.I.G.]
"Check it"
"Rap-rap-rappers are in danger"
"Rap-rap-rap-rappers are in danger"
"Rappers are in danger"

[Joell Ortiz]
Yeah, y'all know the name of my crew nigga
Slaughterhouse fool
Yeah, yeah

Check, uhh
Rusty nine gettin gully on the roof
This so rough, I left my skully on in the booth
I drag my Timb' boots through the gutter with the truth
Gotta fire at you while you with your mother on the stoop
Ain't nothin nice, fillin five cent cups with ice
Ass crack stuffed with the stuff that the custies like
My flow inspired by po'-po' ridin by
Cause lil' JoJo let the fo'-fo' iron fly
So expect nothin but heat from me when the beat ugly
I sour dollar spit, ain't nothin sweet money
So whoever say Ortiz hungry is lyin
I'm starvin, I'm famine, man I act like I never eat sonny
I keep ya head noddin, when the bass bumpin
And you can hate cousin, but don't say some'in
And no face muggin
I'm S-H-A-D-Y, SlaughterHouse All Day Young'un!

[Chorus: sample of Notorious B.I.G. from "Think Big"]
"Lyrically I'm, untouchable, uncrushable
 Ask your friends who's the illest, uh" {*repeat 3X*}
"Lyrically I'm, untouchable, uncrushable
 Ask your friends..."
"Check it"

[Crooked I]
It's Crooked I!
R.I.P. Notorious
Yo, Slaughter

Yeah, rap is in danger
Crooked I was born in a California manger
God of the West coast - know the flow nice 
when you're signed to Shady/Aftermath and used to be on Death Row
What if my gun and I sing you a lullaby?
Nullify your skull in five seconds by puttin a slug inside
Run and hide - I'm on some money goon shit
Married to the streets, honeymoon shit, yeah FUCK a bride
I'm 'bout to go Van Gogh and I have to reach
for slavery guns, that mean I draw a master-piece
I spit darts quick as a spliff sparks
Writtens'll kick start, split you in six parts
Which part of "I'm the shit and you a skidmark"
did you not get? Put you in a ditch when it's pitch dark
Make your bitch suck my Dick Clark
Huh, that's what you get, heard that you a snitch
Now get that tattoo that say "life," cause you a bitch


[Joe Budden]
Uhh, uhh uhh uhh
It go, Joey

I left the mask on and bury somethin, no disguise
It couldn't get more official if it was notarized
I want the pen on the jeweler for you to know it's fly
Top of the chain in command if I'm playin my hand I know I better not override
Who think they over I? Hope it ain't vocalized
This ain't even a group, just one real nigga multiplied
This'll end brutally if you try to get fast
I put my life on it like it was mass, better pray that this Vicodin last
Haha, if not, rap is in danger
Niggaz is in a box, I'm tyin up rappers in a Wrangler
Will clap and rearrange ya - but I hate to make my psychiatrist right
and it's exactly what she said would happen with my anger (talk to 'em)
You can't relate to it, how you gon' measure it?
Broke, can't treasure it, jokers just embezzle it
It's time to separate the realness from the rhetoric
I figure one statement from B.I. should help to settle this


[Royce Da 5'9"]
I, I said I'm gunnin for the motherfuckin +King+ like the historical terror shot
I'm sittin in a Hilton rich like Paris' pops
Spread money around the whole town like heiress twat
Compare us not, I'm a terrible terrorist plot
You the character Carrot Top
While I'm stompin on barriers 'til my era stops like a triceratops
When I'm done roamin this Earth bury my bones in Mariah Carey's box
Who you know answer with guns?
Shady's our homie, live with the GOAT like Julio from "Sanford and Son"
We're the problem with a problem, got no love for my foes
Y'all just wearin Red Bottoms, I got blood on my sole/soul
We are dope, we are postal, we not social
On Twitter, we block Oprah and Deepak Chopra
Y'all niggaz think y'all fuckin with us cause people quote ya singles?
Yeah right, you're makin your fuckin point with broken fingers
My dream's fulfilled like this cup full of potent tequila
that I'm about to raise UP, and toast the dreamers

[Outro: sample of Notorious B.I.G. - repeat 2X]
"Get your writin crew, get your writin crew, and they dopest rhymes
 I get up in that ass ev-every time
 Lyrically I'm, untouchable, uncrushable
 Ask your friends who's the illest, uh"