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Artist: Slaughterhouse f/ Bun B, The New Royales
Album:  The One 12"
Song:   The One (Travis Barker Remix)
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[Chorus: The New Royales]
Sex and drugs and dirty money
On the race to rule the world
You cut your teeth on fame and diamonds
Your time is up now, three.. two.. one
{"One one one one one one one one one one, one" – *KRS-One*}
We number one
{"One one one one one one one one one, one, one" – *KRS-One*}

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Y-yea, yeah we them Slaughterhouse rock stars, the pitch is black
We signin every titty out, we goin tit for tat
Now can you picture that?
And how ironic is it that I'm ridin round listenin to Nickelback
I'm back, on a pill
I'm tryin to have Rod Stewart cars, and Ozzy Osbourne motor skills
I'm tryin to have a rich bitch like Paris Hilton
That like to get her ass smacked like Keri Hilson
Haha, I'm the one, who you tryna be?
Nuttin to hide, the jimmy covers up my Tommy Lee
The one, I stage dive to a pot of gold
I'm empty, nothin's inside me but rock 'n' ROLL!


[Crooked I]
Crooked's got a gun
I'm reckless with +Led+, Zeppelin instead
Let's get a keg, let's split a mescaline that mess wit'cha head
I'm sexin a lez and her best friend in bed
I love these freak women
Somethin in my denim need a +Kiss+, call it Gene Simmons (get it!)
They wanna ban me like Marilyn Manson
for all the whores in my Baltimore, Maryland mansion
I'm the one who wants to +Spear+ Britney
Give Pink some black, put it near her kidneys – here kitty!
I'm the one who always cause an affair
So every time your bitch burp you smell my balls in the air, yeah

[Chorus] w/ Joe Budden ad libs

[Joe Budden] + (Joell Ortiz)
Yeah, yeah; see I'm a on-stage rock star (backstage porn star)
Khloe on her +Kar-dash+ (Kourtney on the OnStar)
Zoë Kravitz stumblin out the telly in a torn bra
(They dribble on my balls in the whip, now that's a sports car)
Dawg, you gotta see him when he drive by
(Cock-eyed) Have all the +Ladies+ goin +Gaga+
Me? I'm more mellow, so I'm lookin for a La La
(You sure? I want a whore, a Gabor, a young Zsa Zsa)
(The one, a +OutKast+, I don't need to rock)
So I could put my +Love Below+ by her +Speakerboxxx+
The one (Kate Perry try and kiss my wife)
And gave me dome at Katie's +Holme+, baby this the LIFE!


[Bun B]
Yeah... let's, get it

It's Bun Beada the rap addict, I'm back at it
You see me rockin heavy metal, this a black 'matic
I got a bad habit
For +Takin Back Sunday+ and turnin it into a Black Sabbath, dag nabbit!
I'm on G like vital rap
So let's take it to a level on the speakers like Spinal Tap
This that broad shit, that'll start a moshpit
Headbangers get to spazzin out and be like "Awww shit!"
Slaughterhouse is a +Mötley Crüe+ so I suppose it's
only natural they roll around with +Guns N' Roses+
And for those that's, raised with a silver spoon up they noses
It's like, later for you posers