OHHLA.COM - A Tribe Called Quest Lyrics (Kamaal Ibn John Fareed/Jonathan Davis & Malik Isaac Taylor)

People's Instinctive Travels... || The Low End Theory
Midnight Marauders || Beats, Rhymes and Life || The Love Movement
We Got It From Here... Thank You 4 Your Service
Q-Tip: Amplified || Phife Dawg: Ventilation - Da LP
Q-Tip: Renaissance || Q-Tip: Kamaal the Abstract
Remix/B-Side/Soundtrack || Miscellaneous

ATCQ - People's Instinctive Travels and... (1990) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Push it Along
2 Luck of Lucien
3 After Hours
4 Footprints
5 I Left My Wallet in El Segundo
6 Pubic Enemy
7 Bonita Applebum
8 Can I Kick It?
9 Youthful Expression
10 Rhythm
(Devoted to the Art of Moving Butts)
11 Mr. Muhammad
12 Ham 'N' Eggs
13 Go Ahead in the Rain
14 Description of a Fool
* Footprints (Remix)

ATCQ - The Low End Theory (1991) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Excursions
2 Buggin' Out
3 Rap Promoter
4 Butter
5 Verses from the Abstract
6 Show Business
7 Vibes and Stuff
8 The Infamous Date Rape
9 Check the Rhime
10 Everything is Fair
11 Jazz (We've Got)
12 Skypager
13 What?
14 Scenario

ATCQ - Midnight Marauders (1993) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Midnight Marauders Tour Guide
2 Steve Biko (Stir It Up)
3 Award Tour
4 8 Million Stories
5 Sucka Nigga
6 Midnight
7 We Can Get Down
8 Electric Relaxation
9 Clap Your Hands
10 Oh My God
11 Keep It Rollin'
12 The Chase, Part II
13 Lyrics To Go
14 God Lives Through

ATCQ - Beats, Rhymes and Life (1996) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Phony Rappers
2 Get A Hold
3 Motivators
4 Jam
5 Crew
6 The Pressure
7 1nce Again
8 Mind Power
9 The Hop
10 Keep It Moving
11 Baby Phife's Return
12 Separate/Together
13 What Really Goes On
14 Word Play
15 Stressed Out

ATCQ - The Love Movement (1998) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Start It Up
2 Find a Way
3 Da Booty
4 Steppin' It Up
5 Like It Like That
6 Common Ground
(Get It Going On)
7 4 Moms
8 His Name is Mutty Ranks
9 Give Me
10 Pad & Pen
11 Busta's Lament
12 Hot 4 U
13 Against the World
14 The Love
15 Rock Rock Y'all
16 * Scenario (Remix)
17 * Money Maker
18 * Hot Sex
19 * Oh My God (Remix)
20 * Jazz (We've Got - Remix)
21 * One Two S---

ATCQ - We Got It From Here... (2016) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 The Space Program
2 We the People...
3 Whateva Will Be
4 Solid Wall of Sound
5 Dis Generation
6 Kids...
7 Melatonin
8 Enough!!
9 Mobius
10 Black Spasmodic
11 The Killing Season
12 Lost Somebody
13 Movin Backwards
14 Conrad Tokyo
15 Ego
16 The Donald

Q-Tip - Amplified (1999) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Wait Up
2 Higher
3 Breathe and Stop
4 Moving With U
5 Let's Ride
6 Things U Do
7 All In
8 Go Hard
9 Do It
10 Vivrant Thing
11 N.T.
12 End of Time
* Do It, See It, Be It

Phife Dawg - Ventilation: Da LP (2000) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Intro
2 Flawless
3 Alphabet Soup
4 Miscellaneous
5 D.R.U.G.S.
6 The Club Hoppa
7 Lemme Find Out
8 Ben Dova
9 Beats, Rhymes & Phife
10 Ventilation
11 4 Horsemen (192 N' It)
12 Melody Adonis
13 Outro

Q-Tip - The Renaissance (2008) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Johnny Is Dead
2 Won't Trade
3 Gettin Up
4 Official
5 You
6 We Fight/We Love
7 Manwomanboogie
8 Move/Renaissance Rap
9 Dance On Glass
10 Life Is Better
11 Believe
12 Shaka

Q-Tip - Kamaal the Abstract (2009) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Feelin'
2 Do U Dig U?
3 A Million Times
4 Blue Girl
5 Barely in Love
6 Heels
7 Abstractionisms
8 Caring
9 Even If It Is So
10 Make it Work (Bonus Track)
11 Damn, You're Cool (iTunes Bonus Track)

Lyrics Album
Stressed Out (Bjork's Say Dip Mix) 1998 Ultimate Hip Hop Party
God Lives Through The Abstract and The Dragon
Just a Lil' Dude (Who Dat Ovah There) Afro Samurai soundtrack
Bonita Applebum (Hootie Mix) Bonita Applebum 12"
If the Papes Comes Can I Kick It? 12"
#DearDilla #DearDilla (S)
They Say (Remix) DJ Booth 20/20 Series
For the Nasty For the Nasty 12"
The Remedy Get on the Bus soundtrack
Peace, Prosperity, & Paper High School High soundtrack
Mr. Incognito Hits Rarities & Remixes
The Night He Got Caught Hits Rarities & Remixes
Mardi Gras at Midnight The Jam EP
It's Yours Jive's Unreleased Masters
Just When You Thought... Just When You Thought... 12"
Makin' it Blend Lyricist Lounge Vol. 2
Same Ol' Thing Men In Black soundtrack
Renaissance Rap (Remix) Renaissance Rap 12"
Wild Hot Rhyme & Reason soundtrack
Glamour and Glitz The Show soundtrack
Hey Slam soundtrack
What Lies Beneath Soundbombing 3
Obey Your Thirst/Underground Sprite Ad
Flawless Ventilation: Da LP
Vivrant Thing Remix Vivrant Thing Remix 12"
We Fight We Love (Remix) We Fight We Love 12"
Rumble in the Jungle When We Were Kings

Lyrics Artist
All The Way Live Tha Alkaholiks
Cheers Anderson .Paak
Get it Together Beastie Boys
Come On Down Big Daddy Kane
Like That Black Eyed Peas
Showdown Black Moon
La Menage Black Sheep
Get You Some Busta Rhymes
Ill Vibe Busta Rhymes
Poetic Justice Busta Rhymes
Thank You Busta Rhymes
You Can't Hold the Torch Busta Rhymes
Galvanize Chemical Brothers
Let the Horns Blow Chi-Ali
Flashlight (GrooveMasters) George Clinton
Come Close (Remix) Commmon
Stolen Moments Pt. III Common
3 MCs (Da) Bush Babees
Groove Is in the Heart Dee-Lite
Undisputed Champs Del
Buddy De La Soul
Buddy (Remix) De La Soul
A Roller Skating Jam.. De La Soul
Sh. Fe. MC's De La Soul
Weed #2 - Phife Dawg De La Soul
Pains and Strife Diamond
Q-Tip - Freestyle Funkmaster Flex
Show Down Funkmaster Flex
That S--- Funkmaster Flex
La Schmoove Fu-Schnickens
Circles The Game
Don't Curse Heavy D
Friends & Respect Heavy D
Listen Heavy D
Keep it Moving Hi-Tek
To Each His Own InI
Got 'Til It's Gone Janet Jackson
Girls, Girls, Girls Jay-Z
Black Is Black Jungle Brothers
Doin Our Own Dang Jungle Brothers
In Time Jungle Brothers
The Promo Jungle Brothers
How Ya Want It
(Native Tongues Mix)
Jungle Brothers
Promo No. 2 (Mind Review '89) Jungle Brothers
Borderline (An Ode to Self Care) Solange Knowles
In the Sun Large Professor
You Lucy Pearl
Paris, Tokyo (Remix) Lupe Fiasco
Extra Abstract Skillz Mad Skillz
Dem Thangz Angie Martinez
Hot Boyz (Remix) Missy Elliott
Drink Away the Pain Mobb Deep
Body Rock Mos Def
Make it All Better Mos Def
One Love (LG Main Mix) Nas
She Wants to Move (Native Tounges Remix) N.E.R.D.
Let's Organize Organized Konfusion
To the Beat Rahzel
The Outsiders R.E.M.
Congo Roc Marciano
Ital The Roots
Come On Everybody Run-D.M.C.
Get Involved Raphael Saadiq
The Invitation Saigon
The Fear in the Heart of a Man Tupac Shakur
Hold Tight Slum Village
Stop, Look, Listen Statik Selektah
Intro-lude TLC
We Can Make it Better Kanye West
Nah Mean will.i.am