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Artist: Phife Dawg
Album:  Just When You Thought You Were Nice 12"
Song:   Just When You Thought You Were Nice
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Yes, ha ha ha
Oh boy, it's big trouble in the place
I'm in the place, I'm in the place, I'm in the place
I'm in the place, I'm in the mash hall place

Just when you thought you was nice
In comes the rude boy that they call Phife
Since the year '89, I've been around the world twice
And I everywhere, I go they say the same shit: (that kid is nice)
Gotta give a shout-out to my everyday peeps
The ones who knew the time, the ones who never did sleep
'89 twas the year when I entered the game
Nobody knew my face, nobody knew my name
But I knew from day one that this here wasn't games
Gots to do this 'cause I love this, so mother fuck the fame
Gotta represent with the correct mindframe
Since the day that De La put me on, hip-hop has never been the same
My eyebrows stiffed when 'Tip and Sha' said "kick a rhyme"
I simply go for broke, because I'm no joke
I learned to freestyle early because I couldn't afford a pencil
Or better yet a dime that I could lend to Mr. Wendall
Alot of emcees talk, say they pushed the tech out
They figured I'd lose my touch, just because I'm down south
But you know good and well that Malik ain't havin' that
I could live in fuckin' Greese, still in all, I won't slack
I'm sayin' though, my brother, you know there ain't no other
So tell your main bitch that the Malik is still a lover
Got that rough daddy flow, my idol's Michealangelo
Enviro means I'm gettin' paid, 'cause my Eli said so
I drop you emcees in a line like that game of dominoes
So here we go, here we go, here we go
Yes, see in the east we get biz
Unh, Phife Diggy is the man kid, whoomp there it is
That's to give a shout to Walt, since '87, he's had my back
Pa dukes, ma dukes, my little brother named Zack
My main purpose in life, is to be no one but Phife
Just when you thought you was nice, now break it down

Now if you think that I'm gonna be good to you
If you think that I got what you need
Shorty you're right
(bow wow wow, yippie yo, yippe yea,
 Phife Dawg's got somethin' for you baby)

Now I'm the type of emcee to toot my horn like Reno
Before I hit the stage I take a sip of aquafino
I used to date Sabirno, or better yet Selino
Who had more fuckin' lumps than half-cooked forino
You know my stee, the illy-illy emcee
Phife Diggy, still knockin' off fleas
Yo, plus how I bring it on the freestyle note
Fuck what you heard, my shit is capital 'D', dope
Yes indeed, I give you what you need
You try to test me, you're smokin' too much weed
Yo, watch now how we bring it, and everybody sing it
And like Mint Condition, no doubt, we fuckin' swingin'

Ha, it's like that yo, check the flow yo
Ha, word up, word up
Yeah, now break it down
Ha, Jay Dee throw it down
Detroit status, what, we is the baddest, what
New York status, what, we is the baddest, unh
Chicago status, what, we is the baddest, unh
Saint Louis stats, what, we is the baddest, what
H-O-U, stand for Houston
ATL, you know what you did
It's like that y'all