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Artist: A Tribe Called Quest f/ Busta Rhymes, Consequence
Album:  We Got It From Here... Thank You 4 Your Service
Song:   Mobius
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[Verse One: Consequence]
I break bread, ribs, hundred dollar bills
Dream about Bugattis and other four wheels
They say Illuminati and other ordeals
Is how my lawyer got me to avoid a raw deal
And now it's more real than it is for any other star
And that's enough to have you tearin' up the mini bar
I should probably get awards where the Emmys are
For how I deal with the path like Remy Ma
I get in the car like a sniper's on the roof now
But don't confuse how you see me have to move now
I got bars like the cypher's in the booth now
+Ooh child, things are gonna get easier+
As long as they get my page right on Wikipedia
Long as they say my name right in the media
If you don't that's a sin like Cincinnati
'Cause ever since I had the polo suit at the Grammys
I been spittin' at the camera like Trick Daddy
So Swaggy could've broke up with IG
I ain't surprised that they broke up on IG
I got the game on IV, might as well have a live feed
Keep a fresh cut from IB
So I always match the picture in my ID
They packin' Dub C had ran with Mack 10
I was still a baby Similac then
And what the crack era did to black men
It had to be a era if you had a Cadillac then

[Verse Two Busta Rhymes]
How I rock mine, I throw it up
Makin' sure that you niggas all, are on the same page!
Powerful force you better look both ways!
Fuck that, I'm chokin' niggas, it's goin' down
I'm from a different cloth we the oracles of the sounds
Skip town, hit 'em with impeccable pound
Lost, found, the way I flood it niggas gon' drown
Rip shit! Aiyyo wait wait wait wait wait!!!
I gotta do it again, I gotta do it again
You already know the script, roundhouse kick
She lookin' at me, lickin' her lip
Put my arm around her like a bowl of chip with a dip
With yo' bitch, what the fuck, niggas erupt
I got the half moon clip that's banana, a good planner
A  new anger like a larger Bruce Banner
Out the house, nigga if you open yo' mouth!!!
Man! Nigga! If you open your mouth
Fuck the press, I'm leavin' every room in a mess
Like herds of bulls with they aprons on and bakin' soda
Keep it movin' keep the convo short and bring a case of Henny!!!
House of pain I control many!!!
House of lies you niggas go run hide
Peep the way this vibe conflict with they real lives!!!
(Nigga) Fanatic shit we go bizarre
Bad news for niggas as I go emphatical
Radical national animal rulin' like a czar
Every time I black for the record the shit splatter
The whole batter, no bullshit the boom bapper
I pull the gat up, whip the shit, cook the batter
When I pull up on niggas, even your momma gon' scatter