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Artist: Lupe Fiasco f/ Pharrell, Q-Tip, Sarah Green
Album:  Paris, Tokyo (Remix) 12"
Song:   Paris, Tokyo (Remix)
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[Lupe Fiasco]
Now if you never left Houston get a passport
Never left Little Haiti get a passport
If you live in South Central get a passport
So you can see the world
Yeah, and if you rep the five boroughs get a passport
Or if you're in the Dirty South get a passport
If you're on the Westside get a passport
So you can see the world

Now I've been known to levitate
like a hobo tryna catch a freight
To get away, and clear the day
Then I'll be smilin at the stars like the hood does cars
Little ghetto mind you should travel like a bullet
from your favorite gun's barrel or the indian's arrow
Mathematically aligned like the pyramids of pharoahs
Don't let 'em bring demise like you and your boys are cattle
Fly to Paris, and end up in Tokyo
Let's start a coalition so even the broker go
To all those that never sold coke before
And with no ambitions to rock a roll
Let my, people, go
To broaden their horizons
Sharpen all they minds in
Sharper than the prong or the Neptune's trident
I'm just ramblin - I ride my bike in the clouds
Mr. Spielberg, hire me at Amblin
(To the nigga Pimp C) God bless your life
(And the creators of the Serum) I hope you're restin right
Because you're scootin out in lives, kids and wives
In my mind I'm goin "woo-hoo" just like The Hives
But in my mind, compromise my design
Like a missin puzzle piece, make completion hard to find
Hours resuscitated by Capri Sun juice packs
Woke up singin N.E.R.D. songs and you can YouTube that
Now stay away from people that pursuit they lack
And remember your starter kit was this Lupe track
Now one love (one love) one love (one love)
Hey love, see you in Tokyo

My new passport has been issued so I'm ready
Trekkin the Sahara or grazin the Serengeti
I am there if there's speakers in the place
I will see a foreign face
My magic carpet shuttles me through the human race
But, no matter what's on her mood to foreign district
My postcards so you I missed it
It bein us, how we would discuss findin treasures
Deep in choral reefs, Tigerbillies Islands of pleasure
Holdin you my pretty 'til I get home to our city
In this chitty-chitty bang-bang brutal to our bus
So I, take it in, the wonderments of the world
Samplin each cuisine, a dinner without a girl
Presents for my people like these silly t-shirts
While Rebecca's at the sound check hooked to Mic Works
I remember days when the dollar was strong
Hopefully it gets better, I won't be gone long - backpack

[Chorus: Lupe Fiasco]
Let's go to sleep in Paris, wake up in Tokyo
Have a dream in New Orleans, fall in love in Chicago
Mayne, then we can land in the motherland
Camel back across the desert sands
Then take a train, to Rome, or home
Brazil, for real
Wherever I go she goes

[Sarah Green]
Yeah, I'd done seen Paris, and woke up in Tokyo
But I'ma always be Sarah Green from the Southside of Chicago
Just because you on section 8 and he left 
it don't mean a thing (girl I can't go nowhere)
Just come and take a flight with me
Baby girl it's a world to see! (girl go on wit all that)
I never thought the Seven Wonders of the World 
would be so wonderful (for real?)
You got your ghetto pass, now go and get your passport 
and make your swagger international (I'll think about it)
If you can, catch a flight, you can go, in your mind
Your destiny, YOU DECIDE! Wherever I go, we go

[Lupe Fiasco]
Oversees, even over here I over seer
like I'm tryna stop these slaves from gettin freer
From the truth I never veer see, so, faithfully I steer
As I ride through yo' city like Revere, Revere
Now everybody gon' and put yo' hands in the air
All you haters with yo' hands in yo' ears - it's okay
Cause later, it will sneak up on you like it's Metal Gear
Put you in a chokehold and then unconsciously you'll cheer
Remain upper tier, ain't no cryin down here
Only shed is in the back, yard with the tools in it
My hood's in disrepair with no schools in it
All the food ain't got no fuel in it
So crude, that's why I'm duelin it
Some dude's thinkin what Rasulullah do in it
Not what they did then, but now what do you do with it?
I know you sick of all the rat-tat-tat-tat
Well this the soothin sounds from the backpack rat pack
Seein Sarah Green from the FNF crew
Two from the Child Rebel and the Q
When I be home I resist it like it's Ohms
I was there, now I'm gone; Shalom!

Yeah, and if you rep the Midwest get a passport
If you from Detroit get a passport
If you from Chi-Town get a passport
So you can see the world
Get that little black girl, a passport
Get that little black boy, a passport
If you ain't got one, get yourself a passport
So you can see the world, yeah!