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Artist: Q-Tip
Album:  The Renaissance
Song:   Shaka
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Uh, ah, uh...

My brother Shaka would have wanted me to do it like this
So raise your glasses for the lost ones in your life...

Dilla Dawg and Master Wel would have wanted me, as well
to propel with the spirit of the mic... 

Even if you had one person with you and it's hard
They make it easy, celebrate them, let them just who they are...

Because of these experiences I have some control
on the microphone, I'm bold elevating to the stars...

Here's a demonstration, with the excellence 
Reverse the pandemic that's filled with pestilence 
Who has his finger on the pulse of the b-boy? 
Serving fiends with the stream of a d-boy 
Who's well connected, you must respect it 
I'm driven with the spirits mentioned in this record 
Hopefully this serves as motivation
The never sayin ?doc? kind of sensation 
Put my stamp on it, the mic clamps on it 
Mama I know, let me put lil' thamp on it 
Blade runnin through the day with agility 
stay gunnin, make way for possibilities 
It's the capital Q, rap it'll do 
what I want it to, it's like tamin a shrew, uh 
Livin life, the Shakespearean proportions
Knowin better, I've experienced distortions 
And through the in and outs, of life's revolvin doors 
I'ma see that, I'm still gettin more 
Yeah I'm comin in, I'm gon' see my friends 
to the top floor, it seems it never ends 
Heaven never ends, yeah it never ends 
It be goin on, it's phenomenon 
like a new born, or a Stevie song 
It be going on, do ya feel it? 
(Do ya feel it? Do ya feel it?...) 
The snare drum go...

My brother Shaka would've wanted me to say this to y'all 
Don't lose sight y'all without giving a fight... 

I'm channeling Weldon Irvine - Mr. Clean 
He would've wanted me to say what I mean, and mean give it right... 

Dilla, havin you in my past has been a blast 
You've inspired so many and forever will you last... 

And to my father, yo your spirit is drapin me
Never escapin me, I'm happy that I had you in my past...

Uh, uh, let's go...
A-let's go...
Let's go...
Let's go...uh..
Tka, uh....