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Artist: Heavy D & the Boyz f/ Buju Banton, Kool G Rap, KRS-One, 
        Little Shawn, LL Cool J, Martin Lawrence, MC Lyte, Pete Rock, 
        Positive K, Q-Tip, Queen Latifah, Spike Lee, Treach
Album:  Nuttin' But Love
Song:   Friends & Respect
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Peace, to a man name Heavy D

[Queen Latifah]
Yo Hev, this is Latifah
You are the biggest, cutest sweetie pie I ever knew
{*laughs*} That's why I like you
Not to mention, you got class, you got skills
You got.. I-I could say so many things about you 
but, yo I love you cause you're real
Know what I'm sayin? You special

Yo, yo..
Waddup! This Q-Tip, yanahmsayin?
Yo my man Hev, yanahmsayin...
The nigga got MAAAAAAD MAAAD mad love, yanahmsayin
He, he just, he's just the {*censored*} man
T-th-th-the-the-the, heh, the Dum Diddley
Yanahmsayin, that's from my {*censored*} man
Hev D

[Kool G Rap]
Aiyyo, check this out
This the man that's +Wanted Dead or Alive+ Kool G Rap
Full {*censored*} in effizneck, yaknahwhamsayin?
And I feel my man Heavy D as one of the most top dog 
Record label {*censored*} in the business
Younahmsayin? Straight from down, "Mr. Big Stuff"
on out to bag of +Blue Funk+, younahmsayin?
Word up, on the realz-nil, peace!

[LL Cool J]
Yo B... (Go ahead, you're on!)
I'm on, B? (Yeah..)
Aiyyo Hev man, wassup man, this is L, man
Just wanna drop a line on you baby
I know it's like the, y'know, like the line-droppin days
So I just wanna drop the line on you
But you know I'ma have this here barbeque
and you KNOW I wouldn't let you miss that, B
HA~! So my man.. umm, hit me on the hip yo, and uh...
I'll catch you when I catch yo, B

[Positive K]
Yeah, the one thing I like about Heavy D 
is that uh, he keeps it real, you know
He gave me some advice when I started
and I think, um.. that's one of the reasons
I guess I'm Positive K right about now

[Pete Rock]
Yo.. What I like about my cuzzy cuz, Heavster
is that he's the dopest, cleanest cut, big boy rapper
And ANOTHER thing I like.. about my cousin, Heavy D
is he lets me come over his house, and raid his kitchen
Raid the refrigerator and I ain't gotta clean up behind myself, man
This is P-R (Pete Rock) Chillin, peace

[Martin Lawrence]
Yo, waddup, this is Martin Lawrence, to my man Heavy D
Undoubtably, one of the best rappers in the game
Also one of the THICKEST brothers in the game
Yo, and if you ever had his momma's jerk chicken
You'll know why the man goes "Diddley-diddley-diddley D"
Yo Hev, nuttin' but love, boyee! PEACE!

[Little Shawn]
Yo waddup, this is Little Shawn, yaknowhatI'msayin
Hev is the man regardless of anything because
he does what he feels, yaknowhatI'msayin, from the heart
He's a good brother, and he always let you know what's on his mind
YaknowhatI'msayin, like all these people perpetratin gangsta
Hev ain't on it like that, he's a real brother

(Blastmaster KRS-One in the house!)
...As a matter of fact 
from 1986, y'know, we came out together, so..
I think uh, Heavy D is kinda LARGE
Yo Hev, represent

Waddup, this is Treach in the house
I like to comment, on my man Heavy D
As a person, he's one of the coolest.. 
people you'd even wanna get to know
Youknowmsayin, every time Heavy D comes out
It's a whole different level, he never stays on one side
He's one of the most unpredictable emcees, in hip-hop history
that has been, underrated in my opinion
But has more street respect than a lot of 
the hardcore rappers that's out there right now
We love you from Naughty, Heavy, and we out

[Buju Banton]
Yea.. One big reespek goes out to Heavy D
Ev'ry time, comin from Buju Banton
Cuh I say Heavy D, Heavy D {?}
Heavy D original, Heavy D... MASH UP
An' time Heavy D pon di dancehall it's just murdah
Man a slip and man a slide, watch di tide

[MC Lyte]
This is MC Lyte right about now
Here to definitely uh, congratulate Mr. Heavy D
You've done it, uh, once again and again
and you continue to do it so well
Uh, the reasons why I like Heavy D
is he's like one of those types if rappers 
that you CAN listen to in front of your mother
And um.. even better than that, your mother'll wanna listen to him
So that's grand when you're listenin to Heavy D

[Spike Lee]
Hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello
Wassup wassup wassup wassup wassup wassup wassup wassup wassup
This is Spike Lee, talkin to you from Crooklyn
Crooklyn Crooklyn - AHHHHHHHHHH... Crooklyn, New York
And with a eaaaaaarly morning shout-out
to my MAIN main main main main man man man man man
Heavy, DEE Dee Dee Dee D...D-D-D-D-D-D
Hoping that this album, is as fat, as yourself
No pun intended 
So... let's go!