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Artist: Q-Tip
Album:  Kamaal the Abstract
Song:   Feelin'
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Had this good feelin when I got up today
Like everything was cool so I went on my way
I guess I walk with a bop, so then this profilin cop
"Now wait a minute G, aiyyo don't tell me to stop"
So then this profilin cop with his profilin ass
Figured the best thing he could do was find a cat to harass
That little kitten was me, not that one in the tree
The black one with the promise and the wish to be free
I mean damn policeman, can't you leave me alone?
I'm a prince plus important plus there's business I'm on
See this rackin I'm in, it needs somebody like me
All of us is concentrating on the things that we see
How much we make so you seein great
You not makin us late, cause it's just in our fate
I refuse to get blues so just handle your thang
Yo what's happenin today, yo we gotta bring back that

Feelin, f-f-f-f-f-f-f-feelin
What happened to that f-f-f-f-feelin
Feelin, what happened to that f-f-f-f-feelin
Duh-uh-tah-uh, tah-eh-tah-uh-uh

Ah-la-la-la-la-la-lah, heeeeey-ey
La la la-la-la la... heeeey-eeeeey
Ah-la-la-la-la la... heeeey-eyyyy

[repeated 'til end]
Good, feelin don't you go, don't go inside
Feelin don't you go girl, don't you hide