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Artist: Phife Dawg
Album:  Ventilation: Da LP
Song:   Melody Adonis
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You know what
We been through so much together
When I first got down
In like seventy-nine
During Tribe, post-Tribe
It's all gravy, can't let you go

[Verse One]
Used to think this game was a fairytale, until I met you
Never into bullshit, you were happy being you
My face would just glow anytime you walked past
Makin' a brotha jitter every time our eyes clashed
You were cooler than cool, smarter than most
Which made the Five-Footer get closer than close
And to our ten year bond, I have to give a toast
Cause the way that I feel, yo it ain't no joke
You got a brotha feelin' high like Busta-Bus when he smokes
And I ain't no weedhead so I might just choke
But if you make a power move and decide to be around
Then word to Flipmode, I'll smoke a whole damn pound
From Trini to Atlanta, (Yes) I'll romance you
Take you to ecstasy anytime I get the chance to
And I can rock you all night if you want me to
So what you wanna do? (Come on!)

[Phife w/ scratched hook by Butta L]
No Doubt
"Rock the mic" - Phife Dawg "Microphone" - Rakim
Phife Dawg, Pete Rock
"Rock the mic" "Microphone"
This is how it go down when a Trini and a Jamaican get together
"Rock the mic" "Microphone"
"Rock the mic" "Rock the mic"

[Verse Two]
I got a love jones for your body and your skin tone
Unplug the phone, we needs to be all alone
Tourin' straight for eight months, which means you cant front
And you know, and I know, I gots what you want
Never cuff you at the top, I tried to stop
You see I get after lock, when the crowd starts to rock
This one dyme up front started doin' the walk
The way she licked her lips it made a brotha real hot
She had the grill of Nia Long, smile of Stacy Dash
Front of Lisa Carson with the Mary Blige Ooh!
My friends be laughin' hard cause I lable you as fam
But they don't understand you have made me who I am
And at the end of the day, yo we'll have the last laugh
My boo's about to have twins, so we gots to get the cash
But as long as I live, that's my word, I'mma be there
For you, you, besides I love you, Mwoi!

[Phife w/ scratched hook by Butta L]
Come on
"The mic" - Phife Dawg "Microphone" - Rakim
Uh, bob your head to this
"The mic" "Microphone"
Get on the dance floor
"The mic" "Microphone"
And go for yours
"Microphone" "The mic"

[Verse Three]
See when the label started frontin' you were always there
When the management was frontin' you were always there
There were times when I felt the group had want to replace me
Whether I'm right or wrong you were there to embrace me
When you have too many sheets in one tent, how can you represent?
Shit be bugged, but you were there to show me love
That's when I kindly picked you up and moved to ATL
My attitude was like, whatever, might as well go for South
Guess they felt I wasn't worth it, didn't feel like Phifey had it
But now who's movin' units, motherfuckin' silly rabbits?
Peace to the few who had my back
For the fakers in my clique, fuck you, that's that
Life has really been worth living since I found you, true
And there's nothing in this world that Malik won't do
You're my latest and my greatest inspiration, true
I put this on my granny bible, I would die for you, uh

[Scratched hook by Butta L]
"Rock the mic" - Phife Dawg "Microphone" - Rakim
"Rock the mic" "Microphone"
"Rock the mic" "Microphone"
"Rock the mic"
"Rockin' the mic" - KRS-One "WHAT!" - Leaders Of The New School
"Rockin' the mic" "WHAT!"
"Rockin' the mic"
"Rockin' the mic" "WHAT!"
"Rockin' the mic" "WHAT!"
"Rockin' the mic" "WHAT!"
"Rockin' the mic" "WHAT!"
"Rockin' the mic" "WHAT!"
"Rockin' the mic" "WHAT!"
"Rockin' the mic" "WHAT!"
"Rockin' the mic" "WHAT!"
"Rockin' the mic" "Rockin' the mic"
"Rockin' the mic" "WHAT!"

Pete stop it, we there! Ha!