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Artist: Phife Dawg
Album:  Ventilation: Da LP
Song:   Alphabet Soup
Typed by: Tha Lyricz Finisha

[Phife Dawg]
Uh-huh Phifey leaving MC's feeble, cuz they fact-less
Featherweight niggas got me fed, I'm here to fix shit
Diggy, fearless one, what, who giving feedback
Wish you facing feces, black, I'm saying 'fuck that'
Hip hop, something you feel, you cats sound feminine
Rid 'em, kid, hip hop fellow shit, aiyo, we live for this
Most niggas be fiasco out, sounding like duplicates
Feline shit, I'm a dog, can't fuck with it
I got the ability to produce like fertilization
Rich in material, you need a demonstration
Forget flagellation peep the maturation
No vacation, time to flood it, fuck the faking
Fluidity, baby, it's the shit you can't fathom
Niggas still flirting with floozy chickens with flat booties?
Fixated with them fake chicks, them hoes that been in porn flicks
You need to do, get to know about this flow shit
Flaming MC's, since the days of sporting flat tops
I got the flare for this, I love the fickle sport of hip hop
I live for check one-two's and you don't stop
Mr. Katrell, make the beat drop

[Chorus 2x: Phife Dawg]
Alphabet soup for the mind, body and soul
Try it, you may like it, come grab, yourself a bowl
I'm sure most of my B-Boys and Girls, can straight relate
Before it's late, don't be fake, grab a plate

[Phife Dawg]
As I commence to set it off with this confident conglomerate
Consisting of concoctions, we have carved up for you
My crew, calmly stays consistent, but at the same time
We're confused, by the corny BS ya'll listen to
I do consider conquering these cornballs, til they catch up
With they conscience, can't control 'em by the motions that they choose to do
Who's concerned with some clown wearing Cardier, fronting
Like he down with each and every damn crew
It's time to wake up, my brothers, time to wake up, my sisters
Best consult with one another, cuz these cats ain't got a clue
Let's confide in one another, combine with one another
Coordinate, cooperate, on how the hell we moving through
What will it take to convince you, that this world is corrupt
Can we converge at a convention, showing that we give a fuck?
See life is more than what you claim to be, correlating in that cup
I'm constipated by that corny shit, most choose to construct

"Sick of gimmicks, mimics and mimes, wack rhymes"

[Phife Dawg]
Underdog, I have an undying love for this rap shit
Which leaves MC's unready which is unfortunate
I know me, dropping gems on this LP was unforeseen
But most MC's are just unfit, fucking with this legend from Queens
Fuck that, my MC's data's unforgettable, which is lovely
Which gives me reason to show you, why you be's my understudy
Who dares to challenge this, bring his unequal ass here
You spit first, then I show you why this battle's unfair
Yeah, now you fronting like my style be unfamiliar
You can't test the undertaker, fuck it, I had to kill ya
Undermine me if you'd like, but it's been said and told
Who laughs last, they laugh best, now watch the saga unfold

[Chorus 2x]