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Artist: Phife Dawg
Album:  Ventilation: Da LP
Song:   Flawless
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One time, yo

Yo, you know what?
I might not always say the right thing
But I say what the fuck I feel
On the real
What the deal

World's greatest five-footer back up in yo shit
Check it
Let me ask you

[ VERSE 1 ]
Who these cats lookin punanny-ish?
For those who don't understand: that's some vagina shit
I think I'm lost, yo, tell me what you're dealin with?
Niggas' rhymes be watered down like porn star clitoris
It's so ridiculous, you're soundin hideous
Talkin tough, but be dressin on some wussy shit
Tight see-through shirt, on some hard nipple shit
Fake Versace shades while all up in the club and shit
Fake Rolex, it'll change the color of your arm and shit
Sports bras, halter tops, what the fuck is this?
Dudes be brought up just to sell some records? SHIT
Then wanna be voice of the streets, you see this bullshit?
Wait - if you gon' half-step in hip-hop, you need to stop
This here remains in the street, play puss, you're gettin fucked
Go 'head, play yourself with them ho-like hooks
Sing ballads if it's all about the Maxwell look
Mack make-up with a pair of [brand name] thinkin you're cute
Fubu suit with Steve Madden boots make me wanna puke
Phat Farm shorts with a garder belt, lookin like a whore
Or a purple bandana cause it matches your shaw?
Now tell me, what you rhymin for?
This shit is all about flows, fuck a fashion show
Hip-Hop 101, Professor Diggy, yo
And if you want it laid back, call Kenny Lattimore
No disrespect to these men, cause I like R&B
But right here in my class we gonnna emcee
It's all about the zhigge-zhigge, yeah, the scratch 'n cut
Graffiti art, jammin in the park, holdin your nuts
Muthafuckas, I am hip-hop, I walk hip-hop, I talk hip-hop
I need hip-hop, I lust hip-hop, I love hip-hop
B-Boy round the clock, doin it non-stop

Diggy gon' hit you with the rawness
Pass me the mic and I'ma scorch it
And when mi done with it, mi just toss it
But never force it
My shit is flawless
Mutty Ranks hit you with the rawness
Pass me the mic and I'ma scorch it
And when mi done with it, mi just toss it
But never force it

[ VERSE 2 ]
Peep the Groove Attack ensemble, we about to fly high
Fuck majors, we independent like the 4th of July (Why?)
I guess we didn't really share the same vision
But it was their decision
Them fuckers just wouldn't listen
But now look who's bitchin
While Phifey cuts with precision
It's my ass they're kissin
Don't worry 'bout what I'm shippin
As for Jive, I know they hate on how I blow up the spot
How quickly they forget what got they ass to the top
What they figure, I bust my ass to feed they dirty-ass kids?
Get the fuck out of here, fuck am I, Britney Spears?
These cats'll turn you against your brethren if you let em, and how
It's the reason me and my former partner don't talk now
Communication is the key, capital word be unity
These folks will guide you to your grave, then come and read the eulogy
Independent like Philly, majors can't do shit for me but suck mi toe
Go find a MC with some half-assed flow
But I understand these styles, they just quickly endin now
Forever wantin to play games, but guess what, I'm not a child
For the new breed of MC's: learn to own your shit, gee
Stay black, keep it real, purchase at [Name]
Fuck a waiting to exhale, Malik is at once released
While all you so-called CEO's and A&R's get impeached
Say Fudge - you shoulda never let me off the damn leash

Now break it down now
I am hip-hop, I sleep hip-hop, I want hip-hop
I love hip-hop, I lust hip-hop, I need hip-hop
B-Boy round the clock, doin it non-stop

And I'm
Diggy gon' hit you with the rawness