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Artist: Jungle Brothers f/ De La Soul, Q-Tip
Album:  Raw Deluxe
Song:   How Ya Want It We Got It (Native Tongues Mix)
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How Ya Want It We Got It [Oh yeah!] (x4)

Hey Mr. Africa [What]
This joint is headed
Man I'm glad that beef is debted
I jolt the bullet quick
Out of the fifty-one six
To hear my Sammy on the mix [Aight]
We flipped the belt
I felt the rubber burnin'
See I was yearnin' for the moment
Man opponents couldn't stop me
When I first heard AC/DC I had to get a copy.
Now I'm swole
Who try to patrol my family
Your fantasy back in the day was to be native
But now your sh-t's sedated
I bring the doctor,
I'm a for the remedy
But some pretend to be
A bit seditty
Your atittude is sh-tty
I'm getting downright grimy and grity
Introducin' to the scene is Mike Giggy

{Mike G}
Yo, we sling the raw through the airwaves,
We make you wanna misbehave
We gotcha hooked
Like the rhythm and the slaves
So catch a phase of the craze
Noddin' heads for days
He's acting stingy with the level
And he spreads in many ways
So if you want to test the effervesce
Come along and be my guest
Yo, 'cause Jungle Brothers in the House

And De La's in the house

And Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest
Ya Ya Ya Ya
You wanna all it,
Y'know cause I could give it all night N-gga
And make ya last Mike Gigger,
Africa, Sammy B, the JBeez
Straight out the jungle
with the natural remedy
I'm reppin'
We lettin' off joints at this section
The steppin'
Rhymes, turntables and beats are lethal weapons
And the essence
You know we got alot like constock
The Native Tongues are here with that brew for your heart
We're makin' ample usage of the times that we see
Tell us how you want it, and we bring the strategy

How ya want it, we got it [Oh Yeah!](x4)

Now imported from the planet of dope sh-t
Be the native tongue
Rocka one plug infinite dot com
Getcha tail hooked in the thoughts
Don Perry on free
back where ladies love to hear the emcee
We be
The neccessary realism
While you be
Chicken lo mein stream baby,
What? Place it in your gut.
Guaranteed. We in the lead to run rap [Ya]
Just hand over the deed

Now Ya heard about, read about
Be apart of it don't front
Now I'ma play ya like the government
And give ya what I think ya want:
That native river
To make ya rock with one another
Cause in my eyes, I consider us all sisters and brothers
So to the table I bring
Fat jams to make ya sing
Cause I'm starvin',
I haven't had nothing like this
Since Doin' Our Own Dang
So be ya P, Is it ready?
To flip ya pattern of speech
Cause I thinks
There's heads out there we still need to reach

True, yo this joint is crazy
Get's the lazy out of
Hey yo Mikey how ya figure?
I wouldn't wanna catch cold.

{Mike G}
This joint is wisdom, kid.

And be emcee
I'm out to get old
I seek the blessed the drum pattern
from brand new to tatterred and torn
This place is Jimmy crack corn
My sh-ts Mazola
Your style's kiddy like Crayola
JBeez be the top dola
I mean dollar
Study the E-M-C-E-Es to remain the rhyme scholars

How ya want it we got it [Oh yeah!] (x2)

Record shop nine to five
With the Raw Deluxe
Jungle Brother Africa - I got the Native Tongue touch
Verbal grammar - comin' atcha like a Black Panther
Check the sampler
The microphone man handler!
Crowd controller
Yes we gotcha open, gotcha ampler
Shootin' the gift like Saint Nick, the black Santa
[He's checkin' his list] Say what?
[He's checkin' it twice] Ya!
You ain't gettin' sh-t
If they naughty if ya nice
So come down the chimney
Brothers the vicinity
Lock down ya block nonstop with the remedy

Similiar to water out the clouds
I'm here to reign supreme
Self-esteem lower than
Them rides in Cali
Is the reason why these n-ggas
Rally around the bull sh-t
Rubber duck, you can't bull sh-t
Occupy world-wide
With frontings all the misses
These womans don't love us so we forced to talk to b-tches
Tryin to ease up in the rises
Sayin' "I like the way you stylin'
Let me in the passenger while you play the pilot."
Listen baby doll [doll]
Recites is a peeper
Hair fully wooly but you mental's six ether
and I don't live that.
So step up top
And watch the Native Tongues lick the crop for the cream