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Artist: Statik Selektah f/ Styles P, Termanology, Q-Tip
Album:  Spell My Name Right (The Album)
Song:   Stop, Look, Listen
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[Intro - Styles P - talking] (*echo*)
Yeah, SP, Ghost Phantom
Statik Selektah
Stop, look and listen boys

[Verse 1 - Styles P]
What's the real deal? Hoodied up with the ill grill
Gettin mad high, watching "Kill Bill" (yeah)
You know both parts (both)
I'm from a hood where they put you in a bodybag to say they got the 
most heart
I stay composed like Mozart
Straight music, we could bump and thump just like a go-kart
Stop, look and listen (stop), pause, watch and stare
Guns in the Sean John, G-Unit, Rocawear
Yeah they in high school (they young) but they Crips or they Pirus
Fly through soft and they dry you
I seen mad drama, is it bad karma? (is it?)
I don't know though, stay movin in slow mo' (move)
Stressful days, so a nigga blew a whole O (blow)
Fall down, get 'em swingin like Kodo (yeah)
Play my position
And I ain't MC Lyte but I know how to +Stop, Look and Listen+

[Chorus - Scratched Samples] - w/ ad libs
"Stop, look, listen"
"Now pay attention"
("Stop, stop, look and listen")
"Stop, take a look, listen"
"Pay attention"
("Stop, stop, look and listen")
"Stop, look, listen"
"Pay attention"
("Stop, stop, look and listen")
"Stop, take a look, listen"
("Stop, look and listen")

[Termanology - talking over Chorus]
Stop, look and listen
Naw I mean?
Classic shit baby

[Verse 2 - Termanology]
Aiyyo, if cats would of told me I'd be on a track
With Q-Tip and Styles P, just a couple years back
When, I ain't have jack and I was still jackin
I would of reacted like "nah"
But, see how life turns around fucker
I got my all black beads and my white Chuckers
I don't coincide with them boys throwin signs
'Cause it leads to four to nines or it lead to homicide
Remember Nas said "Muslims say free the mind"
Nowadays rap music like "blind lead the blind"
Everybody wanna pop, everybody wanna bang
If you ain't built like that, then stay in your lane
Everybody wanna thug, they don't wanna stop, look and listen
'Til they get locked in the prison
And ain't no soft shit here, my whole family bang
But I ain't tryin to leave y'all in the rain, you gotta

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs

[Verse 3 - Q-Tip]
These dudes are like toddlers, who cry and whine regardless
Of all the toys they've acquired since they've been artists
Now, stop, look and listen, this is your Pop's edition
So I'd advise you be wise and take in this rendition
Now stop the episode, before you get exposed
And all of those you turned on, will still turn up they nose
Stop bein self-centered, look outside yourself for once
Look with a humble eye, don't look like a fuckin dunce
You're not the shit because your music, people listen to it
You're like a Mack truck playin chicken with a Buick
A bad car crash, you're rubberneckin on the road
They stop and they look just to see if you explode
I hope you're listenin, 'cause this is rightful shit to hear
I hear my own advice, don't worry, it's inside my ear
And as you listen to the end of the shit I spit
Statik Selektah's on the beat, it's ya nigga Tip

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs

[Styles P]
SP, hol-holdin D-Block down

Who you know nicer than Term'? Termanology
(Q-Tip) (The People's Choice)

Yeah, Statik on the beat
(Statik Selektah)