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Artist: Rahzel f/ Q-Tip *
Album:  Make the Music 2000
Song:   To the Beat
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* Rahzel does the beatboxing, Q-Tip does all the vocals
To the beat (echoes)
[Q-Tip talking]
Uh, what, takin' you back.
All the way back.
On the Rahzel track.
[Chorus:] X 2
To the beat, and let your mind flow
To the beat, I let my mind go
To the beat, it makes your mind flow
To the beat (echoes)
[Verse 1 (Q-Tip)]
I let my m-i-i-i-i-i-i-nd flow, like a river
But now, Red and Dead sea constantly I MC
No conspiracy like Pope and Cons-tinople
Makin' tracks by theyself, you know I bless a little vocal
Artistry since constipated
Nowadays we're with Rahzel, we're glad we waited
Now we got you, right in the spot where we want it
And every single negative vibe is confronted
It's kinda ill when you let your music go free flowin
Buildin' on improvised grounds and still growin
People work hard, some wanna escape
But yo we gotta face the music with ease and with grace
Sometimes we look to jams for an inner inspiration
Cause the lyrics and the rhythm are the music vibrations
Makin things gel like a compound equation
Mad sounds culminatin' for one sensation
[Chorus] X 2
[Verse 2 (Q-Tip)]
Lights, camera, action, get it on
Watch the beatbox as he lets the sound form
Ain't nobody iller than my man Rahzel
So you other beat machines don't stress and get gel
A very short suggestion is you go and work harder
Give me a Break, my man is phat like Nell Carter
With a brother like the (?) on top with the willy
We the illy, he's phildeplh we the rusaphilly
It's a thunderous move like a herd of elephants
And it sounds real raw cause we in our element
Like natural, never catch these kids on sabbatical
Always up front tryin to give you what you want
You see it's very crucial that we stand and deliver
Always tryin to rise above and be a good figure
And we hopin that you diggin on the rhymes that we wrote
Better get yourself together, let's flow, come on
[Chorus] X 4
[Rahzel beatboxes til fade]