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Artist: N.E.R.D. f/ Common, De La Soul, Mos Def, Q-Tip
Album:  She Wants to Move 12"
Song:   She Wants to Move (Native Tounges Remix)
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[Q-Tip - Intro] (Pharrell)
To the, uh to the ah, um um ah
To the, uh to the ah, um um ah
To the, uh to the ah, um um ah
To the, uh to the ah, um um ah
Do-do-da-dom-ga-dom (AHH!)
She move, she move, I like the way she
turn around but somehow still face me
A sweet girl, a-ah, ah, was tasty
for the cash, she +Dash+ like Stacy
Said she wanna move from there
on some Lil' Jon shit, all she knew was "Yeah!"
...Told her act like you know
Pimpin the game, had to act like a hoe
Inside she was black as a 'fro
Sheen of a queen on a booty shake scene
Seen with a chick, a dude to make green
Change colors, change cities, change dreams
You can be in the game but you need to change teams
We both all papers so we in the same genes
It'll pop, you ain't gotta go mainstream
So get with this rebel things and let's move
[Chorus: Pharrell]
Hey mista, look at your girl...I housed her...
And she gon' fuck now, don't you know that?
I housed her... (Don't you know that?)
I housed her... (Don't you know that?!)
I housed her... (nigga)
And she gon' fuck now
[Mos Def]
AHHHH-OWWW!! And that's how I fell
You ain't checkin your dame, then I will
She got a secret that her body cain't hold
She got close to the bass and let it go-ah
High tide, everlasting {?} flow-a
Set that down on freak radio-ah
Push it up 'til her antenna show-ah
Horny out nipple stereo, AH!
What it is, where ya at? Here we go-AH!
Double-dare, ante up, tally-ho -ah!
Lights down, lights up {?} bulb - ah!
Super duper fly, supernatural - ah!
Hips in a twist, thighs on her work - ah!
Starin past her room, actin like you know - ah
Like it wants-a, here we go ma
[*Mos Def panting*] (DAMN!)
[Posdnuos] (Dave)
AIYYO!! - You must feel well-rested
from all the sleepin in on the fact
That yo' lady's in-vested..
into the mind games boarded at - myself 
But wealth's not the reason
It's my poor if you any (hardly)
Oddly enough for wantin to get in between her
like dots between them letters N.E. - (R.D.!)
Huh, she just wanna be free
Submerge herself completely within
(Sweat) on the floor from Alpha to End
Lend me yo' ears, my countrymen
Cause this city boy has no fears
Rep NY everyday, all year
But I rep in the name of my love for how you're movin
The chance of you backin it UP, to make me..
[Dave] (Posdnuos)
Hey yo, beat it, boardwalk! She ain't property
Parked her place in my Monopoly
"Sixteen Candles", she blew me in my birthday suit
I wouldn'ta thawed her with that bracelet star
Ace Saw, she a little athletic
But he's goaltendin (swat for shots)
Playin the mind gamesn (wantin to watchin meeeeeeee...)
She that Ultra Mag and OTAG
Spray can sexy (Psss! Psss!)
The colors got gang niggaz callin the truth (PSSSS!)
Make a madman go chase the life 
and vacate his faith and go browse the proof
But your shops got gates in front, the basic hunt
Your ligaments thicker than possum meat
You possibly, define a one-night stand
But I won't know, because of your man [*dog barks*]
Escort your honeydip to the Native Tounges show
She's a Abstract freak, and you didn't even know
The lights go down, her body hits the ground
Clearly she's affected by the Q-Tip method
Her Jungle Brothers shirt is the symbol of her heart
How much you wanna bet more than her bra is wet
How far you gonna go to block the lady flow
She just wanna move, unless you bust her groove
I didn't even mention that the tail is Titanitc
I didn't wink back when she winked, so don't panic
Pretty guinevere with her hands in the air
One more drink, ma should fuckin stay there
Don't be the jelly bean whose color turns green
Be the proud man, let go of her hand *woof*
Let her get more to the four on the floor
To the, "Um, chicka, ah da um, um, da ah!"
[Chorus 2X - w/ Q-Tip "Um-chicka-ah-ing"]