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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh f/ Phife Dawg, T3
Album:  The DJBooth and Event Electronics' 20/20 Music Series
Song:   They Say (Remix)
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RAPPER! Remix! Remix! Remix!

[Rapper Big Pooh]
I done heard I was crazy
Niggaz ain't want me to make my first album
(How COME??) I been nice since momma applied talcum
Get it by any means, Brother Malcolm
Witness the outcome
Did it with some inhibitions, imagine without none
Fat Boy, look at all these niggaz I have outrun
Out them, bones in your closet, I am not done
Over any instrumental, nigga I am redrum
Sooner you submit, the lesser chance of bedlum
You little kids probably shoulda been in bed, son
Grown man busi-ness, I don't care about rest of rap's silliness
You are lookin at what the best really is!
The Holy Trinity, I'm better than before
So it's like facin ten of me, I pray to God
to have mercy on my enemies, picture me rollin
Red cup full of Hennesey, a black Charger I call Eric Bieniemy

[Chorus: cuts and scartches by DJ Flash]
"People think that I'm lucky"
"At last, I'm literally loungin black" <- B.I.G.
"Sittin back, loungin black"
"Take it easy" "Pay dues" <- Common
"This life's a competition, this a mission here I'm tellin you" <- Sadat X
"People think that I'm lucky"
"SLOW DOWN~! You can't learn that quick" <- Sadat X
"It's the same ol' same ol' same ol' same 'ol.."

[Phife Dawg]
Word in the streets was, Phife couldn't do an album on his own
(How COME??) Not a soul gave a shit, he's just a sidekick
All I needed was a chance, little leeway
Was told to parlay while bein looked at sideways
Label managements steadily they doubted me
Patiently waited my turn, still ain't hearin me
"Give it up Malik, you're livin in a fantasy!"
Freestyle, written lyrics were gettin downplayed
It hurt my soul to the point I was in disarry
What the fuck can one do? What else can Phifey say?
Disgusted, distraught such disillusionment
Crazy descent bein that I couldn't represent
With that, I kept my distance to mostly wack emcees
Had to distinguish who I was from what they thought I'd be
Life of the party, watch the Phifer do the thing
The greatest leaders had to learn to follow - now kiss the ring!


You thought that I would fail - silly!
I be here 'til the Lord sit with me
Especially I'm makin music movin like a symphony
Use some rhymin words with these metaphors and similes
Only enemy I see is prol'ly it's the inner me
That's in my blood, and you ain't even kin of me
Y'all niggaz suck, a big fat D-I-C..
..K, WHAT~! I told them niggaz hold on
The Lord told me that he blessed the pages that I wrote on
So how can I go wrong when I write? (uh)
Up late at night, saber my light, a true Jedi Knight
(Uh) Damn right, say good night!
Back to the subject, bustas, niggaz dumbsick
Can't touch this, with oven mitts
I'm back in the kitchen, cookin up shit
You're lackin attention, that I'm gon' get