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Future - True Story (June 2011) (DP)
Track Lyrics
1 True Story Intro
2 Freeband Gang
3 Magic
4 Ain't No Way Around It
5 Tony Montana
6 Bigger Picture
7 Show Money
8 Out Da Mudd
9 Long Time Coming
10 Smoke & Mirrors
11 Championship Music
12 One Minute
13 Annoying Scooter
14 Rite Scooter
15 Feeling I Get
16 Blast Off
17 What Is Pluto Outro

Future - Streetz Calling (Sept. 2011) (DP)
Track Lyrics
1 Made Myself a Boss
2 Same Damn Time
3 Name Hold Weight
4 Can't Make This Up
5 Running Through a Check
6 Power of That P
7 Ball Forever
8 The Way It Go
9 Never Be the Same
10 Gone to the Moon
11 Easter Pink
12 Word to My Muva
13 E
14 Unconditional Love
15 If You Knew What It Took
14 Corner Bonus

Future - Astronaut Status (Jan. 2012) (DP)
Track Lyrics
1 Abu Intro Turn Up
2 Future Back
3 Space Cadets
4 Birds Take a Bath
5 Nunbout
6 Swap It Out
7 Jordan Diddy Interlude
8 Jordan Diddy
9 Blow
10 Deeper Than the Ocean
11 My Ho 2
12 Best 2 Shine
13 Never Seen Those Skit
14 Never Seen These
15 Shopping Spree
16 Transform
17 Rider
18 Spaz On Yall
19 Abu Outro
20 Itchin'
21 No Matter What

Future - Pluto (Apr. 2012) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 The Future Is Now
2 You Deserve It
3 First Class Flights
4 Jealous
5 Turn On the Lights
6 Straight Up
7 My
8 Same Damn Time (Remix)
9 Neva End (Remix)
10 Tony Montana
11 Magic (Remix)
12 Homicide
13 I'm Trippin'
14 Parachute
15 Long Live the Pimp
16 Astronaut Chick
17 Permanent Scar
18 Truth Gonna Hurt You
19 Go Harder
D Paradise
D Fishscale
O Neva End
O Same Damn Time

Future - F.B.G.: The Movie (Jan. 2013) (DP)
Track Lyrics
1 Intro
2 Fo Real
3 Ceelo
4 Muphucka
5 Mark McGwire
6 B!#%#es Love Me
7 Billionaire Minds
8 Karate Chop
9 Everything Ours
10 Chosen One
11 Killin It
12 Back at It
13 INTL Swagger
14 DNA
15 Appeal
16 Whip Game
17 Big Rube
18 Keep On Shinin
19 You Wonder
20 Finessin
21 Missing
22 Freeband Taliban
23 OG D Drop
24 See It to Believe It

Future - Honest (Apr. 2014) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Look Ahead
2 T-Shirt
3 Move That Dope
4 My Momma
5 Honest
6 I Won
7 Never Satisfied
8 I Be U
9 Covered N Money
10 Special
11 Benz Friendz (Whatchutola)
12 Blood, Sweat, Tears
13 Big Rube Speaks
14 Side Effects
15 I'll Be Yours
16 How Can I Not
17 S#!t
18 Karate Chop (Remix)

Lyrics Album
Drunk In Love (Remix) Drunk In Love (S)
How It Was Grand Theft Auto V
No Love Honest *
Mind Blown Mind Blown (S)
My Name Hold Weight My Name Hold Weight (S)
Pop Them Bands Pop Them Bands (S)
Real and True Real and True (S)
S#!t (Remix) S#!t (S)
Smoke and Mirrors Smoke and Mirrors (S)
Substitute Everything Substitute Everything (S)
Bigger Picture The Takeover
My Wrath The Takeover
Trance Trance (S)
Turn On the Lights (Remix) Turn On the Lights (S)
Watch This Watch This (S)
What's Wrong What's Wrong (S)
YSL Cheetah YSL Cheetah (S)

Lyrics Artist
Bugatti Ace Hood
Bugatti (Remix) Ace Hood
Just Last Week Big K.R.I.T.
U.O.E.N.O. (Remix) Black Hippy
How Bout Dat B.o.B
Ready B.o.B
Pajama Pants Nick Cannon
Another Country Ca$h Out
We In This B#%@@ DJ Drama
B#%@@es & Bottles DJ Khaled
Blackball DJ Khaled
Hold You Down DJ Khaled
I Wanna Be With You DJ Khaled
Suffering From Success DJ Khaled
Love Me Long Time Fat Joe
Yayo French Montana
Loud Mouf Judah Man
Heaven L.G. Wise
Tear It Up R. Kelly
B#%@#es Love Me Lil Wayne
Money Ain't No Issue Meek Mill
Buy the World Mike Will Made-It
Give U Dat Nelly
Luxurious Ne-Yo
Pain Pusha T
No Games Rick Ross
Ring Ring Rick Ross
U.O.E.N.O. Rocko
Cake Shawty Lo
I Remember Tyga
Show You Tyga
Racks YC
Drug Money Yo Gotti
No Tears Young Jeezy
Way Too Gone Young Jeezy
Caught Up in the Streets Young Scooter
Jugg Season Young Scooter
Julio Young Scooter
Nuttin About It Young Scooter
Out My Face Young Thug